Thursday, January 25, 2007

Yesterday was Matt's day off, so we went bowling. We had a great time bowling. Tashina got her 2 best scores, 147 and 143. She beat Matt both games. Ally had fun getting passed back and forth between our turns.
Matt has been keeping busy with work and going to school. Right now in one of his classes, he and his partner are working on getting their research published. He was nominated for the Top 100 at IUPUI.
Tashina has been busy keeping Ally out of things. Wednesday Ally and Tashina went to the childrens museum with some friends. Ally loves to play in playscapes and meet new friends her size. Ally has gotten better at pulling up to things and walking along them. She loves to eat everything Tashina lets her eat. She tried canteloupe and loved it. A few of her other favorite foods are bananas, apple sauce, pickles, grapes, freeze pops, and raspberry sherbet.
We are going to be moving in about 1-2 months, so we are getting excited about that. Tashina has already started packing our things up.
This last Sunday we went to a friends house and watched the Colts game. It was such a great game. It really had our adrenaline going high. Ally wasn't quite sure what to think about those that where yelling and jumping at the plays that where made. We can't wait for the superbowl. It's about time the Colts made it there.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

We had a great Christmas. Ally enjoyed opening presents. Just like all other babies her age, her favorite things were the box her present came in, the wrapping paper, and the bows. Now that the boxes, wrapping paper, and bows are all gone, she has discovered her presents! She has learned how to play by herself and keep herself entertained. I love that I don't have to sit next to her all day now. She has learned how to pull herself up to just about everything. We had to lower her crib yesterday because I went in to check on her during nap time and she was standing up and could have fallen over the side. Ally absolutely loves being able to move around and get into everything we tell her not to. She still LOVES to chew on cords, so that keeps me busy.
We went to St. Louis to see the Arch. Ally absolutely loved being up there. She saw a ferry go by and instantly started to jabber at the ferry. We had to walk over the interstate to get to the arch and Ally was very fascinated by the cars and semis that were passing below us. We went swimming at the hotel and she had so much fun. On our drive home we had Kansas City fans driving to Indy for the Colts game. Some of them were really ready for the game, their cars included.