Sunday, July 31, 2016

Boundary Waters: Part 2

I'm just going to pick up where I left off at our second camp spot.  We have too many pictures for one post!

We caught a bunch of fish!

Trent caught this one in a bucket!

Trent took this underwater picture of a fish Ally caught.

There were lots of pretty skys and sunsets.

On to our Third and Final Campsite

Ally wanted to use a knife the whole trip.  She kept nagging and nagging.  I finally said she could if someone helped her use it for something useful.

We had to pump water through filters for our drinking water.

We caught fish here too!

There were always pretty sunsets and starry nights.  On our last night we went out in canoes and looked at the stars and saw the Northern Lights.

Ally and I went fishing at sunrise.

Trent made some light sabers for "the kids"!

It was a great trip and we made sure to take time to rest.

This was on top of a big lookout rock on the way out!


Boundary Waters: Part 1

Ally, Ben and I went on an Adventure to Boundary Waters in July with some members of Tashina's family and I'm finally put some pictures on the blog.

We stopped for lunch and to stretch our legs at a park in Duluth, MN.  While there Travis, Trent and I built an awesome tower out of some drift wood and rocks.

Our official before picture!

This is after a portage.

I stepped into a hole and fell in up to my waist in the mud.

We had steak for our 1st Dinner.

We didn't want to do more dishes so we shared the dessert bowl.

Going fishing!

Getting ready to leave our 1st of 3 campsites.

As soon as we got to our 2nd campsite I jumped off of this cliff.  Everyone else joined me soon after.

We also swam out to this little island.  Just for the heck of it.

As you can see it is now part of Indiana.