Sunday, December 30, 2012

Last Sunday of 2012

I wanted pictures after church.  I wasn't shooting for awesome, so here it goes.
Can you tell how he acted for me in primary?
 Such a pretty girl.
 She is full of awesome "cheeses".

 My overly determined to be stubborn daughter was photographed under threat of no lunch.  The girl lives to eat.  She loves food and can be bribed with food.  Ally and Ben can look at dinner or whatever meal it is and just say "can I take a nap instead?"  Lucy though loves food, most of the time.
 A co-worker of Matt's gave us this dress for Ally and I love it.  Over the summer I came across one almost exactly like it at a garage sale and its from the same store.  The girls pretty much rocked their dresses today.

 Lucy wore her silver sparkly shoes, but I don't like to get the sparkles all over the house.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Snow fun

 I had the kids take late naps, that way they could stay up later than normal and play in the snow with Matt. 
He started a fort, which they ended up attempting to demolish.  On the right you can see Matt's new lights that he's putting to good use.

 My view from the kitchen window.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

How'd he know?

I believe Heavenly Father knew that we needed Matt to stay home with us for 1 more day.  So he dropped 11 inches of snow on us.  Matt worked from home and got to spend time with the kids.  We found that our shovel is MIA, so luckily our neighbors were home and willing to share 1 with us.  Now if only we could find 1 in the store that'd be even better OR if we could find our missing 1.  The kids had a blast in the snow.  They got to use their new hats from Grandma Horn (they kept their heads warm- work great).  They used their shovels and fort bricks.

 I decided this is not Josey's year to fully enjoy the snow.  So she gets to watch the kids play from the warmth of the house.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas #3 & 4

Ally and Ben got golf clubs to share.  Jo got a bike to ride on and a rocking dragon.  The kids got waffle blocks and track for the waffle blocks.
 Ben got a bucket of Geo trax.  The girls got a triple bunk bed for their Bitty Babies.  As well as a stroller to share.
 Little man is having a hard time not going crazy.  And he hasn't even opened a present yet.
 Stockings from Santa.  Santa does the stockings at our house.  Matt and I want credit for the fun stuff.
Ben got a Cars sleeping bag. 
 Ally got a Tinkerbell sleeping bag.  Lucy got a princess sleeping bag.
 Ally found a bike in the basement.
 Ben found he had a tool bench waiting for him in the basement.
Funny story- so Ben woke up Christmas morning and went downstairs to explore (mom and dad were sleeping and unaware of what he was doing).  Matt had locked the basement door before we went to bed.  Matt found Ben sitting on the stairs in the basement staring wide eyed at the toolbench.   
 Jo enjoys her new bike.
After opening gifts, we ate breakfast, played, took naps and then headed to Grandma Julies house.
We opened more gifts and I didn't take a single picture.
The kids got more books (Ally got 2 box sets of American Girl books).  Ben got Geo Trax.  The kids got snow shovels and snow fort blocks.  They got tie dye shirts.  I got a hair dryer, curling iron, Menards giftcard, diet coke, Time Out for Women.  The girls got a doll high chair.  Matt got cool lights for late night projects, matching shirts with Ben and giftcards. 
 We got to talk to my brother Travis.  He comes home in May. 
After we talked to Travis, we got the kids to bed and left my mom in charge while we went to see Les Mis. 
Umm  it was fabulous.  You should totally go see it.  Oh and you will want a kleenex or 2. 

Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas #2

I tell ya, this girl continues to amaze me daily. 
Her wit sometimes blows me away.  Her desire to not disappoint, always help and just strive to do her best are inspiring.
She is such a pretty girl.  Her blonde hair, blue eyes and long skinny legs.  Every week I think her legs have gotten longer.
 Grandpa helping Mr. Ben with his stocking.
 "Its too early to be awake people!"
We had to work hard to wake Jo up.  She was not too happy about it.

And after stockings, I just have video from opening presents. 
Great Grandpa and Grandma Horn (Papa Mike and Grandma Angie) got Ally a 4 piece Rapunzel bedding set, a dog that you color on and 3 ponies and a bunch of stuff to style their hair that she and Lucy get to share.  Ben got a fleece vest, a car mat/track and a Cars 4 piece bedding set.  Lucy got a Cinderella 4 piece bedding set, a bunny that you color on and the 3 ponies to share with Ally.  Jo got the Counting Fun Elephant ball popper.  And the 4 kids got a playhouse to share.  They were thrilled.
Grandma and Papa Horn got the girls Bitty Babies (HUGE HIT).  Ben got a leapster which he's excited about.  Ben also got some dress ups that came with guns (he was pumped about those).  The kids got lots of books.  I think this was the year of books for the kids.  As in I needed to clear out a whole new shelf just for the books they got for Christmas.  Not counting the close to 50 chapter books Ally got (I put those on her bookshelf in her room).  Cute clothes.  Cute pajamas.  Mommy got a kindle fire (woohoo).  Daddy got an awesome drill and a year subscription to Amazon Prime (woohoo).  So much fun stuff.  I know I'm missing a lot of fun and very exciting presents, but I'm blogging this a few hours past my bedtime. 

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas #1

Such a stinker!
 Can you tell she's full of attitude, spunk and determination?
 Ally is definetly my do gooder.
 Trying to make friends with the doggy.
 Looking at pictures with Grandma.

Friday, December 21, 2012

We got snow..yeah yeah yeah

The kids were thrilled when we got enough snow to got out and enjoy it. 
Poor Josey, between her snow boots, snow pants and coat, she kept falling face first into the snow.  That didn't stop her from throwing a fit when I finally made her go inside.

 Ally was determined to make a snowman.  Unfortunately the snow was powder, so this was the best she could do.  She actually took this picture...
 and this one!
 My super stud.  He's such a hoot.  The things he comes up with are awesome.  He is high energy all the time.  His little brain doesn't slow down either.  When he starts thinking about something he has no problem continuing to ask questions about it until he is satisfied with the answer.