Sunday, February 27, 2011

February 17- Hontoon Island State Park, FL

So we left Cocoa Beach and drove to this fun little state park. You take a free boat ride across the lake to the island. Once on the island you can hike, fish, play on the playground and visit their museum. We let the kids play on the playground. Matt wasn't feeling very well and we just wanted to get to our next destination.
Visiting the museum, checking out the "stuffed" animals.

After we got back in the van, we drove to Orlando. Matt had a conference he had to attend for work. So while he "worked", we played. We swam one day while he was gone. The next we dropped him off at work, then found a playground and then went swimming. I just want to say that Heavenly Father is ALWAYS watching out for me. I've used the GPS a few times when we've been out of town to find a park for the kids to get their wiggles out. Each time I've been led to a park in a rich neighborhood, instead of finding one in the slums. Thank you GPS and thank you Heavenly Father.

Oh and you may be asking "with changing hotels, how'd the kids sleep?" Ummm...Ally slept great, Ben slept well 1/2 our trip and Lucy was just awful. Ben's problem I think was from teething and not feeling well. I have no idea why Lucy was not sleeping for us. I'm just glad we are home now and she can scream herself to sleep, instead of feeling obligated to quiet her down so she doesn't wake the others in the hotel. Sleep is definetly something Matt and I did not get a lot of on this trip, bummer.

February 16- Cocoa Beach

Ally with her daddy.
We all ended up getting sick while on vacation. I got so dehydrated that I started getting actual contractions. Luckily I was able to get enough water down that they stopped, so I didn't have to go to the ER (like my Dr. told me to do). Don't worry all is better now. We are all healthy and back to normal.

February 15- Cocoa Beach, FL

The kids showing off their new sunglasses from Ron Jon's.

Lucy taking a nap on the beach.

February 13- Cocoa Beach, FL

For some reason unknown to me, I did not take as many pictures as I thought I had. So here is day one at the beach. Obviously it was kinda chilly, hence the jackets.

So after this fun filled day at the beach, we had planned on attending church the following morning. I had clothes set out and ready to go and we had found the church and what time it started. So we HAD good intentions of attending church, but during the night Ally threw up 3 times. The first was on our bed, the second was on her bed (after this, she got moved to the floor) and the final time was in the bathroom sink. Matt and I got to strip the beds during the night and the nice maid cleaned it all up the next morning. So we took it easy on Sunday, hence no pictures.

Update soon to come

We got back from Florida last night. We were there for 2 warm, fun and enjoyable weeks. I have lots of pictures and will get those up as soon as I can. our kids have grown a lot since we left. Lucy is totally crawling on all 4s and pulls herself up to everything. Ben is talking more and more everyday. Ally thinks she's grown everyday, she measures herself by standing up to a wall and saying "see how much I grew".

Thursday, February 10, 2011

February 9 & 10

Ben pushed his carseat over to the food shelf and made him self at home as he pulled out the different food items and examined them.

Tonight I made chocolate mousse. I let Ben lick the spatula after I was done. Such a messy monster.

Adorable baby
Ally got to lick the bowl.
Ally was laying on the floor and Lucy crawled over to her and climbed on top of her.
Lucy is seeking revenge by choking Ally.
Pulling her hair.
Ripping her face off.
Oh wait..this sweet little girl wouldn't do that!