Friday, April 30, 2010

More water table fun

I promise the kids play with more than just the water table. I've just been trying to get an outdoor picture of Ben, that I like enough to hang on the wall.
Goofy boy!
He was having lots of fun throwing water out of the table.
Loves to dance.
A boy that LOVES to be outside.
A girl that loves to be outside just as much.

He was attempting to eat a helicopter (you know those things that fall off the tree and look like helicopters as they are falling).

She loves to have pretend sword fights with herself.

Ben was on the hunt for the perfect stick.

Cosette's flower garden

After Matt removed the ugly shrubs from the front of the house last fall, I couldn't wait to plant flowers. Ally was really wanting to make a flower garden for Cosette and we decided to do it at the front of the house. Obviously looking at the pictures we still have work to do like plant more grass, remove more rock, try to do something with the stump, and then plant more fun things. Ally and I picked out TONS of pink, red, purple, and yellow flowers. We'll see how many actually come up and hope it looks good.
Making sure the flowers get plenty of water.
If the flowers die or just don't come up, it will most likely be from over watering, which I tend to do.
So I (meaning my brother) planted (where I told him) like 200 bulbs, I'm hoping all my flowers come up, it'd be exciting.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Just another Thursday

It started off with Ally baracading Ben and herself under the dining room table. Ben was NOT happy and Ally was quite proud of herself for doing something Ben couldn't undo.
After Ben's AM nap we headed to the park to TRY to get some pictures of Ben. I got some ok ones of Ally and Ben just wasn't about to cooperate with the camera pointed at him.
A lot of Ally's dresses have become "play" dresses because they are all getting too short. I swear she's getting taller and skinnier every day.
Her sandals, we bought her the week of Easter, were a bit too big when we bought them. Knowing how my childrens feet grow, I thought no big deal, this way they MIGHT last through the summer. HA HA HA!!! Her foot is all the way back in them and her toes are almost at the edge. Goodness gracious! I guess it's a good thing I didn't get her the stride rite sandals and just went for the cute, cheap ones. Sorry Matt, we'll be purchasing another pair of sandals for her shortly. Remember, she has your genes, not mine.
I TRIED to get a picture of Ben next to the water fall, he tried climbing in.
We headed to the bridge.
This is what he wanted to do.
And he kept pointing at the heron.
There were 3 ducks on the other side of the bridge he kept pointing at as well.
Finally he looks at me, "What mom?"
Then he'd run away from me.
Followed Ally just about everywhere on the bridge.
When I was fast enough to get in front of him, blank looks.
Maybe we'll try this another day when daddy is available.
At least we were able to get out and enjoy the beautiful weather.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Childrens Museum

One of these days I'm going to get a GOOD picture of Ben on the carousel. Right now I can only get good pictures of Ally. I have to stand so close to Ben to hold him on the animal, that the pictures never turn out very well.
Listening to stories, well Ally was. Ben was talking to daddy.
He climbed up and down these stairs numerous times and never went down the slide.

Ally as a turtle.
We had LOTS of fun today and are exhausted.

Our morning

It's ISTEP week, meaning a great week to go to the zoo and childrens museum since most schools don't have field trips this week. I HATE field trip groups, have I mentioned this before? I really, truely go crazy when we show up to the museum or zoo and it is jam packed with out of control, braty kids that push my kid out of the way because they have no chaperone around to notice their awful behavior. I think I'm going to suggest to these 2 places that once a week (other than Saturday) they should have a day that is for everyone other than schools. If you are a school group, sorry you will have to pick a different day.
This morning I woke up and thought, we should go to the museum today, so that's just what we did. Ally was so excited and Ben was, once we got there.

Look how long her hair is getting. I remember when I was excited when it was as long as Ben's hair.

The water table

I told the kids that when daddy got home from work, they could play with the water table, that way I could get dinner cooked. They had a blast.

By the time dinner was ready, their clothes were soaked, especially Ben's.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Ben's 1st Birthday Party

Other than the weather being cool, overcast and then rainy, the day was great. I think Ben had a great day.
Opening the first gift.
Ooohh a shovel and pail.
A truck that makes noise.
Umm..clothes...mommy says they're cute.
Another truck that makes noise!
A wheelbarrow from Ally.
A toolbench that makes noise!
A soft, warm blanket just like Ally and Cosette's.
Blocks, bubbles, shoes...
A water table.
A basketball hoop from mom and dad.
I guess, he'll have to share with Ally!
The next 2 pictures kept rotating themselves, so I gave up and left them.
Ben's cake.
The cupcakes, sheet cake and Ben's cake.

Uncle Travis, bugging Ben.
Sharing with mommy.

He picked up half of his cake and dropped it next to him.
Kissing big sis!
Mom, I'm all done!
Thanks to everyone that came and celebrated Ben's birth day!