Saturday, March 31, 2007

Yesterday we went to the doctor. We find out what we are having on April 23.
Ally likes to chew on Matt's watch.
Ally loves biter biscuits
They are soo messy...
but soo yummy!
Yesterday Ally was watching Mickey Mouse and enjoyed her seat.
Ally finally has enough hair for a pony tail.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

To begin, Matt got off work early today, so when he got home he changed his clothes so he could go for a run. He ran to the park that is like a mile and a half from our house and Ally and I lazily drove the jeep and met him there. It was a very nice day for the park. Ally and I also washed the jeep today and I wish I would have taken pictures. She was so funny. I gave her the hose and she sat down with it and flipped it around a few times, then she'd soak herself with it and throw the hose down. She did that a few times. Ally had on a really cute yellow outfit that I am now going to have to figure out how to get the black out of, oh well, that's why we call them play clothes, right?
Ally and Daddy taking a nap on mommy's swing.
Ally has her face smushed against Matt

Ally is watching her crazy uncles
Here is Ally trying to get coaxed into going down the big slide. She ended up going down with uncle Trent and was okay with it.

Ally loves to swing

Matt is pushing her and she loved it.

Daddy sleeping and Ally just resting on him. I took this picture on Sunday and all day she just wanted to be held and cuddled. When she wasn't crying really bad, she'd just sit and stare off at things.

Ally's Sick
Ally has not been sleeping well due to being sick and having 3-5 teeth coming in right now. So we pretty much let her sleep whenever she wants to. Even if she fell asleep during a shower with mommy.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

We had Ally's 9 month pictures taken last week.
I think they turned out quite cute.

Matt took this picture of Ally this morning at breakfast. She ate a banana, bagel with strawberry jam, and rice krispies. She has the rice krispies stuck to her face.
After breakfast I was just going to wash her hand and face in the faucet. Next thing I know, she is sitting in the sink rinsing off. Then Matt filled up the sink for Ally. She had a great time playing in the water.

Ally loves to stand at the window in our living room and look out the window. When Matt's on his way home we sit there and look for him and she gets so excited when she sees him.
She has started saying mama and dada more and more. If we ask her where daddy is she finds Matt. She does the same thing when you ask her to find mommy.

I took Ally to the Childrens Museum on Thursday.
Ally played with a group of boys that were all about
the same age as her. Ally was taller than all of them
by a lot and she weighed more than the rest of them too.
She was also doing more than the rest of the babies.
Some of them were only rolling or just sitting. So Ally
Was climbing all over the boys and if they stopped
moving Ally would sit on them. It was kind of funny
to watch her with them.

Ally loved the new train thing they put in playscapes.
She really likes the Thomas the Train things. Too
bad they are a little expensive for mommy to buy.

I let Ally play in the water (well she mostly held onto a duck
and held onto the side with the other hand).

She loved watching the girls that were playing in the water next to us. She had to have her pacifier so she wouldn't chew on the side of the water tank. YUCK!!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

My big helper

Ally loves to follow me around the house and
do whatever I am doing. Yesterday as I was
unloading the washer to the dryer, Ally tried to
climb between the washer and the water softner.
She saw a cord that look very enticing to her.

Ally has figured out how to point. I am not quite sure where she learned how to point, but she does a very good job. She will now point at someone when she is talking to them or jabbering about them. She has also learned that if she wants something she can't reach, if she talks and points to it, then that shows mommy what she wants. It is amazing to watch her learn and grow. She is so smart and continues to prove that to Matt and I everyday. We try to baby proof the house and she finds a loop hole. I think she may be smarter than me sometimes. Don't tell her that though.

Ally's smile
When she smiles now, she shows all her teeth.

Daddy put bubbles in my hair

Okay so I took Ally to the Dr. yesterday because she had green discharge coming out her eyes and a green snotty nose, along with her continued cough. She has a sinus infection and is now on an antibiotic and a cough medicine. The Dr. was nice enough to tell us as a side comment, "oh by the way, the antibiotic is going to cause her to have loose stools." I'm thinking, great, just another added thing for me to clean up. This morning we got up and ate breakfast and then played. While playing I started smelling something, sure enough, she had it coming down her leg and it was through her pajama pants and her pajama shirt. Errrrr... So I put her in the bath tub and took her clothes off.

When we moved into our new house we were so excited. Until I realized that we needed to have the plumber come and look at the washer hook-up? That meant going a few days without the washer. I have become very accustomed to doing laundry whenever it needs done. I ended up taking it to my mom's house and it worked out. The plumber came and fixed the hook-up. Matt got home from work and went to plug in the dryer for me and what'd ya know...the plug in is old and so we have to replace the cord on our dryer so it works with the outlet. Matt ended up fixing the dryer for me. He even took the back of the dryer off and cleaned out some lint.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Ally's 2nd day at the park

Hi Grandpa and Grandma!!!


Hi Aunt Kim!
I am blowing you guys kisses!!