Friday, January 27, 2012

January 27

When it comes to potty training, Lucy likes the underwear and that's it.
Oh and she wants the underwear on the outside of her clothes, with a diaper on the inside.
 We're slowly working our way to potty training.

January 26

Yes, I still let my kids play with cans of food, after Ben injured his toe. 
Really, though I can't keep them out of the food.  I warn them lots of times to be careful and watch out for their toes.  Lucy lately just likes to organize them.  Obviously she doesn't like the way I have it organized- beans on one shelf, veggies on another shelf, fruit on another shelf, breakfast foods on another shelf.....that's not right or something.

 They did this for over 45 minutes yesterday. 
There were so many giggles and screams of excitement.

January 22

I am doing a bit of catching up from the week.
 First and last time to wear this jumper. 
She's a bit leggy!
 2 hours of nursery really tires a kid out.
 And this poor little guy was just not feeling well on Sunday, but he looked so handsome.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Oh what fun, oh what joys, oh the stories

So Friday Josey had her 6 month appt with the pediatrician. 
Yesterday Ben went to the pediatrician and he has Croup (for real this time,not because of his acid reflux).
Today I received a phone call from Ally's school nurse saying that she had thrown up and was now unresponsive.  I loaded the kids in the van, drove to the school, got there and she started having a seizure.  The nurse was in there, the principal and her teacher.  They were all so great.  After her seizure finished, her principal carried her to the van, buckled her in and rode with us to our house, to make sure we got there safely.  I met my mom at our house.  I offered the principal a ride back to the school, but he said he'd really enjoy the walk back.  So I got Lu and Ben dropped off with Grandma and headed to the ER with the girls.  (I had called the ped. while I was in the nurse's office).  They got us right in.  Matt met us there.  Ally was def. not her self.  So I don't write an entire book about this.....she has a uti, which triggered the fever, which triggered the febrile seizure.  She is back to herself now.  Her teacher is so awesome.  Her principal is so awesome.  We are so blessed to have both of them part of Ally's life.  The nurses and Dr. were great.  It wasn't nearly as awful as when we went to Riley.  We were in and out faster.  Ally just wanted to get home and was quite grumpy.  The girls and I got the other 2 picked up, picked up McDonalds (2nd night in a row, thanks to the dr. last night w/Ben.) 
OH and Ben slept w/ us last night since he still had a fever and was trying to break it.  Ally had a slight fever last night and was screaming and crying in her sleep for quite awhile.  Ben finally broke his fever.  Josey was in and out of our bed to nurse.  Ben thrashed around and beat on Matt most of the night.  Needless to say, we didn't get much sleep and we didn't get very good sleep. 
So Ally had her principal and teacher quite worried.  I'm thankful for them and the love that they show to Ally.  Ally loves both of them and adores her teacher.  She thinks her principal is hilarious. 

Saturday, January 21, 2012

January 20

Today was 100 day in kindergarten.  Each kid was given a qt size ziploc and asked to bring in 100 of 1 item and it had to fit in the ziploc.  At first we counted m & m's but they started looking gross from being handled.  So we switched to plastic beads.  She came home with a bag of snacks and was very excited to share with Ben and Lucy.
 Such a happy girl.
 Miss J had her 6 month appt yesterday. 
She is 21.8 lbs and 27 in tall.  According to the Dr. she is WAY over the 100th percentile and on her own little (big) chart.  He's not worried though because she's hitting her development marks and is obviously growing fine.  He's all for her only breastfeeding until she's 1, if that's what Josey chooses to do.  Right now she has no interest in food other than if I'm the one providing it.  I figure it's cheap, always available and I won't get this time with her again.  I love breastfeeding and the bonding time I get with my babies.
 These 2 are either best buddies causing major chaos together or extreme enemies waging war on the other. 

January 19

The kids were finally allowed to go out and play in the snow.  And this was a pretty light snow that we had gotten, but nonetheless they had fun.  They've either been sick or getting over being sick when we've gotten the few other snows.  Ally keeps hoping for a HUGE snowstorm, as does Matt.  They'd like about 2 feet or more!  Those of you that have snow to spare, please send it to central Indiana. 
It was quite cold out, so we were only out for about 20 minutes.  And poor Josey had to stay inside and she was MAD about that. 

 Where's Lucy?

 Lucy is all about the adventure.  Anything that seems like it might possibly be dangerous, she's going to try it. 

 Isn't my hat/glove tree cute?  I love it. 
 Big sister showing little sister how fun it is to play with food.
 I love this girl so much. 

 So sweet.

 Such a fun girl with lots of determination.

January 18

My sweet Benson boy.  He tries really hard to help mommy.  He LOVES and adores Josey.  Such a sweet boy, loves to cuddle and give hugs and kisses, and his energy seems to get in his way quite a bit.  He has so much built up energy he just needs for us to live somewhere warmer, so he can go out and run it off all the time. 

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

January 18

Josephine is 6 months old today.  She is sitting on her own.  She is pushing up on all 4's and rocking back and forth.  Army crawling wherever she pleases.  And she is still only breastfeeding!  Oh and last week at the pediatrician she weighed 21 lbs.  She'll have her 6 month appt. sometime soon ( I just have to remember to schedule it!)

January 11 and 15

Yep I still let the kids go around topless in January. 
 Josey girl
 Miss Lucy was TIRED.
 Ally was TIRED.
 Josey was happy as a clam.
 She was still happy after Lucy decided she wanted to wrestle.
 Ben was TIRED.
 But he was still looking quite sharp.
 My newest tv junkie.  She is lovin her pink sparkly shoes from Gramma and Papa.