Friday, February 22, 2008

A fun week. Snow. Snow. Fun!
Matt & Ally went out and played in the snow this morning before work.
Playing in the snow.

Last night the girls and I went out and played in/shoveled snow.

Cosette sitting in the snow.

This is how Cosette spent most of her time outside.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Happy Birthday!!!
My sister Tiffney turned 21 yesterday. My brother Travis will be 16 on Friday. Grandma Horn's (Matt's Grandma, Ally & Cosette's Great Grandma) birthday was on Monday. Yeah for birthdays!!
Okay, so for spring break we are going to the Smoky Mountains. Matt and I are SUPER excited. Mainly because it will involve no homework or studying (unless Matt decides to bring some with him). And yes I am excited about the no homework too because sometimes I get recruited to type for Matt.
Then this summer, my sister in law is getting married in the Logan Temple. We get to take a road trip out there. We are excited about going out there, but not so much about the drive. I am sure it will be fine, the girls are usually pretty good for the 3 hour drive to Grams and Grandpas.
Just a bit of an update: Matt graduates in 81 days with his BS in Public Health.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Normally my sister takes Ally swimming on Fridays, but today I thought Cosette and I would join them. I am so glad I haven't tried to take the girls swimming by myself. That would be very interesting. This was Cosette's first time at the pool. I feel bad because Ally was in the pool when she was 5 weeks old. Cosette seemed to enjoy herself. Ally was a HUGE ball of energy and it was so fun to see her play. She has absolutely NO fear of the water. She just goes and expects you to be there to catch her. We had a fun time. I kept meaning to take pictures, but it was kind of hard to find the right moment to jump out of the pool and get the camera, take the picture and jump back in the pool.
I made chocolate chip cookies on Wednesday night. I got the recipe from yahoo. They are suppose to be super soft chocolate chip cookies. They were yummy. The problem was that I guess I really wasn't thinking when I had to put in 4 1/2 cups of flour, 4 eggs, and 2 bags of chocolate chips. Adding this much of these ingredients should have told me I was making a lot of cookies. Nope, it wasn't until I was done mixing everything all together and went to put cookies on the tray, that I realized, I just made a TON of cookie dough. I went back and looked online and sure enough I just made enough cookie dough for 7 dozen cookies. Who needs that many cookies? The cookies were fabulous and very soft and I have done a great job eating them!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

I love my girls.
Cosette and Ally are so awesome. Cosette is incredibly snuggly, smiley, content, happy, and patient. Ally is very independent, intelligient, goofy, and loves to cuddle. I love being able to spend every day with them. Today we went to the library for Ally's class and she did everything the teacher asked of them. She knew the routine after going to one class. She blows me away every day with how much she knows and retains. Meanwhile, Cosette sits back and WATCHES everything her sister does. It's like she is taking notes on how to get what you want. Okay so this is how Ally got what she wanted and I can't do that or I will go to time out.
Happy Valentines Day!!
The girls and I went and picked up Matt from work and we went out to lunch at On the Border. Lunch was good, but the surprise Matt had for me was SOO much better. I had NO idea that he was going to get me diamond earrings. He totally knows how to surprise me. He even made sure that the metal would be okay for my sensitive ears. We had talked about what he was going to get me and I told him all I wanted was a coke icee from the speedway gas station (i know, soo romantic). Well I am so glad he skipped the icee idea and went for the earrings. I am super excited about them. I love you Matt.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Dairy Queen
Matt and I joined the blizzard club at Dairy Queen, over a year ago. So either every month or every other month, we get a coupon for buy one get one free. On Saturday we ate dinner at Olive Garden and dessert at Dairy Queen. Some how though, Matt got to eat his all by himself and the girls and I shared mine. Does that seem fair? It wasn't too bad. Matt ate all of his right away. The girls and I only ate 1/4 of ours and saved the rest.
Yes, I even shared it with Cosette. Can you see some chocolate on her shirt. She was getting mad that I wasn't giving her a bite.
Ally was jealous that the bite wasn't for her.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Why can't our kids learn something and use that for a while before they go and learn a new trick? Cosette mastered sitting last week and last night I was watching her and all of a sudden she was doing the army crawl across the floor. Umm, I want my baby back that just layed on the floor. Now I have two kids into things and they both don't fully understand me. Right now Cosette has crawled herself over to the shoes and decided they didn't taste as good as they looked. Ally is trying to teach her how to move her legs more when she crawls. YIKES!! Too bad they can't stay newborns for at least a year before they decide to start moving.

Monday, February 11, 2008

A little insight on how crazy I can be.
This morning the girls and I went to Kroger and did our grocery shopping. Whenever I am checking out somewhere I like to group things together (boxes, freezer items, refrig. items, milk, produce). It drives me crazy when I have spent this time organizing my stuff in hopes that they will keep it grouped together in the bags. This never happens though. I try and be helpful, but no, they go ahead and put the grapes in with the muffin mix, cans of soup, and frozen corn. You'd think I would have figured out after the first 20 times of this happening, that I'd stop organizing my things, but no, I still do it, just in case the bagger is just as crazy as I am. Now you know what Matt gets to put up with. Funny enough, Ally has issues with leaving food on her high chair tray. When she is done eating, she hands us her plate, fork & spoon, and then picks any pieces of food off of her tray and hands us those as well. I didn't teach her that, it's just something she started on her own. If we leave something on the table that goes in the refrig. she makes sure to tell us that we need to put it away.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Photo Op
The girls looked all cute (they usually look cute, but today they were cooperating as well) so I decided it was a perfect time to get some pictures.

Cosette was fine sitting for a picture with Ally, Ally didn't want to sit with Cosette.
Okay, so I know these hats, don't match, I just thought they were cute on her.

Matt came home the other night and I informed him that Cosette was now sitting on her own. She ends up falling over after awhile, probably because it takes less energy to lay down.

Well, we've had a busy week. Normally we are home all week and have one or two things going on the entire week. This week we had at least one thing every day. Matt also had a busy week with big homework assignments due. He was up till early this morning working on an assignment he has due today. Hopefully next week is easier on us. Yesterday the girls and I went down to Columbus to visit our friends. They had a great time and both of them slept on the way down there and on the way home. Then last night I went to a jewelry party and saw friends from the Eagle Creek ward. So fun! This morning we went to Jo-Ann Fabric and I got stuff to make hair bows. I have been in a crafty mood and thought this was a good outlet for it. I have made one so far and it turned out cute.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Weekend at Grandpa and Gram's house, Childrens Museum, and randomness
Cosette has mastered the art of sitting up by herself.

Ally & I
This is what Cosette did at the Children's Museum.
She was so good.
Cosette loves the camera.
Ally had so much fun yesterday at the museum.
Her eyes were wide the entire time we were there. She was so enthralled with everything.
She loved the Curious George exhibit.
Another one of her favorites was the sand table. I can't wait for spring when we can get sand for her sand box.
She was also having fun in Science works with the mulch, until a kid or two decided to start throwing mulch on her. She wasn't quite sure what to do and neither was her mom. The parents of the perpetrators were standing there watching them. They must have told there kids at least 20 times before they even started throwing mulch at Ally that they needed to stop and be nice. If after 20 times, they aren't listening, you need to leave.
Ally growling like a tiger.
Matt playing in the snow.
Ally with her snowball.
Ally next to the snowman.
Ally throwing her snowball.
Smashing a snowball on Grandpa.
Cosette with Great Grandpa and Grandma Horn
Cosette and Great Grandpa.
Ally all ready for church.
Great Grandma Horn and Cosette.