Monday, October 29, 2007

Okay, so I don't know if you can tell by the pictures, but Cosette is a pretty big girl. On Friday she had her 2 month well baby check up and she is weighing in at 13.13 lbs and she is 23 3/4 in long. When Ally was 2 months she weighed 11.10 and was 23 3/4 in long. So she was 2 lbs lighter than Cosette is now. Ally weighed 13 lbs at 4 months. Cosette is a very happy baby and adores Ally. She loves to eat and sleep. She has gotten a lot better about laying down and playing. Ally has been trying to share things with Cosette like- pretzels, sippy cup of milk, sippy cup of water, her babies bottle of fake milk, her pacifiers, blankets, books, dolls, and her cell phones. It's so nice that Ally is sharing, but when she shares with her sister, she does it by smashing the item in her face or shoving it in her mouth. She's getting better though.
As far as sleeping in her big girl's still a work in progress and probably will be for quite some time. Some nights are better than others for her. She seems to wake up 3-4 times a night when she's in her big girl bed (which means she gets out of bed and comes into our room to wake us up). Thanks for all of the good ideas with keeping her in bed and making bedtime smooth.
Having fun at Grandpa and Grandma Horns
Ally had fun riding (trying) this bike.
Then she had even more fun trying to walk on the treadmill.
Cosette layed on the floor and played while Ally was attempting the bike and treadmill.

Next Sunday Cosette is going to be blessed at church. We are excited and looking forward to next weekend.

Anderson Orchard

Ally is playing with her life-sized REAL doll.
Don't worry, I was watching them VERY closely.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

So what does everyone think about the changes with stakes? It's exciting that we'll get to be in a brand new stake and have that chance to meet new people. We are excited about the new change, but at the same time, sad because we will be leaving friends in the Indianapolis Stake (Nehring Family). So does anyone have any idea where our stake center will be located?

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Our Girls
Ally really likes to be next to Cosette.
This is how Cosette looks at Ally. You can tell she already looks up to her.

So big!


Ally getting ready for bed. If anyone has a great way to keep a kid in their bed, I'd be happy for the advice. We are in the middle of transitioning Ally into the twin bed from her crib. She thinks it's a game to get out of her bed once we leave the room. She will come running into the living room laughing. It starts to get really frustrating after about the 5th time of returning her to the bed.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

On Sunday after church we went over to my mom's house, like we always do. This Sunday though we took a family picture with everyone. On the way back inside Matt was showing Ally how to play in the leaves. When we went back inside we decorated sugar cookies that were shaped as pumpkins. For as long as I can remember we've been decorating cookies every year before halloween. This is probably one of my most favorite traditions. When I was younger I really enjoyed it because my mom let us eat as many cookies as we wanted. The batteries in the camera died right after I took this picture, so I didn't get any pictures of decorating cookies.
With the rain we've had the last 2 days, we've been having lots of fun inside.
Today we went over to my friend/high school swim coach/I babysat for her, house. We had a good visit and Ally kept 2 of her kids quite busy. Ally kept taking their hands and leading them around their house. Then she started rearranging the pictures and knick knacks for them. Her kids are in 8th grade and high school and the other one is at Ball State.
Ally really likes suckers (tootsie pops are a favorite because I won't let her eat the gum from blow pops) and since she makes such a mess I only let her eat them in the tub. When she has a sucker in the tub, I only let her take showers, otherwise she'd be swirling her sucker in the water (that I KNOW she had peed in). YUCK.
We pulled the way fun fort out. I thought it'd be fun on a rainy day. Ally had lots of fun today.
She had her blanket, dinosaur, and two dolls in there with her. She would have had Cosette in there had I let her.

Cosette, boy are you growing to be quite the big girl.
Cosette has her 2 month well baby check up on Friday and I am SO curious to find out how much she weighs now. She is getting incredibly big. She is such a great baby. She is patient, sweet, alert, healthy, happy, snuggly, and oh so loveable.

Friday, October 19, 2007

So this is Cosette on the left at 8 weeks old and the picture on the right is Ally at 19 weeks. Is it me or is she a lot bigger than Ally was?
I have few pictures from yesterday and today.
We haven't done anything out of the normal, we've just been playing around the house.
Cosette is 8 weeks old today.

Cosette smiling at daddy.

Cosette was trying to take a nap on the ottoman yesterday and she kept getting hugs from Ally. You could tell she was getting annoyed. Ally wanted to sit almost on top of her to give her a hug, so I had to make sure Ally wasn't hurting her.
For the last few days, Ally has carried around her cat and pink fleece blanket everywhere around the house. Whatever she was playing with the cat and blanket went with her.
She has lots of fun wrestling with the cat. It's the perfect size to wrestle with.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Okay so I know it's been a while since I updated. I have a good reason, I've been busy. We've gone to Warsaw, the park, the museum, today homecoming, on walks, read books, cleaned the house, did a LOT of laundry, and cleaned up a lot of messes. Matt's been quite busy with school and on Monday he starts a new job. He's not quite sure how homework will work in with his school schedule, but I am sure he'll figure it all out.

So enjoy pictures of what we've been doing.
Homecoming at Indiana Deaf
The football team played Mississippi Deaf. At half time the score was ISD 58 MSD 0.
The exciting part for us was half time. My sister Tahnee was a nominee for homecoming queen. At her school only seniors are voted for and anyone can be in the homecoming court. So some years they have 4 girls in the court, this year there were 9. My sister went to all of the girls in her grade and talked them into joining with her for trying to get homecoming queen. Now if you think about it, most of us wouldn't have asked others to join because that would limit our chances of winning. My sister never had that cross her mind. She wanted the other girls to experience this and have fun. Tahnee didn't talk about winning and really didn't think she would. My sister went as far as having 2 of the girls come over to her house and my other sister and her found clothes for the girls to wear. Last Sunday at dinner, the girls were there and over dinner my mom was explaining what it meant to dress modestly. Tahnee had told everyone that they needed to dress modest. When all of the queen nominees were lining up, I heard a few different people commenting on how nice the girls were dressed compared with years past. I thought that said a lot for Tahnee. Tahnee understands what it means to dress modestly and has tried to emphasize this to her peers.
The guy that walked with her has been friends with Tahnee since they were 2.
And the winner is...Tahnee.
The homecoming court...I guess they don't have a king...not sure why?
Tahnee and Matthew
She couldn't have her boyfriend walk with her because he's a junior.
The way cool car she got to ride in. Lucky.

Tahnee up close in the car.
Tahnee and Ally. I had Cosette in the snugli, so it would've been to hard to get her in there.
Our BIG girl!

Okay so Cosette has grown, but every picture I take of her makes her look like a sumo baby. Maybe that's what I get for taking a picture of her in her diaper.


Our New Stroller
Matt and I saved up for a few months so we could buy this stroller. It is really cool. There are 4 ways you can have this stroller. We'll probably just use it like this though. Ally and Cosette seem to really enjoy the stroller. They've both taken naps in it, so it must be comfortable for them. I like it because it maneuvers well when jogging or getting around the clothing racks at the store.

Ally loves hats. She has lots of hats and likes to wear them around the house. One night while Matt was at class Ally kept handing me hats to put on her. When we finished with her, she started putting hats on me. I didn't want to embarrass myself so I didn't get a picture of what I ended up looking like. When Matt got home there were hats all over the house.
Ally also really enjoys reading books and it doesn't matter if they are upside down or not.
I am going to use this for blackmail later on!
Childrens Museum
We went with the hope of seeing the robot exhibit, but the majority of things were broken.

When the carousel first started this is how Ally looked.
When it came back around, this is how she looked. She didn't stop crying until it stopped. Normally she loves the carousel.