Saturday, November 30, 2013

A warm end of November

Matt got some wood chopped.

 The kids were more than willing to help daddy carry the wood.

 Ally cannot pick out matching clothes. 
 As long as there is a dress on her, she is happy.
 Crazy baby.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Decorating the Christmas tree

With this baby coming sometime before Christmas, we decided to go ahead and set the tree up before Thanksgiving.  The kids were so excited.

Friday, November 22, 2013


Well on Monday I took Ben into the Dr.  I KNEW he had croup (he only gets it like 4 times a year, every year) and walked in there and requested they give him the steroid shot.  After looking him over the dr. agreed that he did certainly have croup and hooked him up with the shot.  He was cough free by the time we got home.  Tuesday night he started up with a totally different cough.  Thursday after laying him down for his nap, I heard him bee line himself to the bathroom, where he threw up the contents of his 2 previous meals.  That darn acid reflux, makes coughing hard on him, he always wants to throw up if he has a cough.  Wednesday I started to feel a bit yucky, which would explain why I was in bed by 8:30pm Mon, Tues, and Wed.  Today though I am feeling not so bad, so maybe it had something to do with dealing with a sick little boy and 3 girls that continue to convince me that they are sick. 
I had a dr. appt. on Wednesday and the doctor is glad we're inducing.  This little guy could very well be a little giant, or he's just swimming around in a bunch of water.  He is in the right position and ready to go whenever the time is right.  I've been feeling a bit dehydrated in the past week, so I've been consuming anywhere between 70-100 oz of water everyday.  Those that know me, know that I normally don't drink much at all.  So all that water and then whatever other kind of beverage I consume, makes for LOTS of bathroom breaks. 

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Love em

She was quite cute in her fall outfit. 
Ally and Ben had their primary program at church.  I went up to sit with my class and Miss Jo had a HUGE meltdown. 
According to Jo (and sometimes Matt and I) all is right in the world if she is allowed to consume lots of chocolate milk.

 Lucy did great during the program.  We fed the kids lunch at 12 and came home at 2:15 and Lucy finished all the uneaten lunches that were still on the table. 
A rare picture of mommy.
 I LOVE boots on little girls, especially when there are chubby legs in them.

 She has taken up posing for the camera now.

Ben's part for the program was suppose to be- I can be happy if I listen to mommy.
He ended up saying- I can be happy if I am good for mommy and daddy.
Ally's part-
Heavenly Father hears and answers prayers.  When I was 3 years old and in Nursery I was the only girl in my class.  I was sad and my mom said if I wanted a girl in my class I needed to pray for it.  So I decided to pray and ask Heavenly Father....  For the next few weeks, we prayed that a girl my age would move into the ward.  About a month after we started praying,.... Elle Stock moved into the ward.  I know that Heavenly Father answers prayers and in different ways and at different times.  I know I can pray anywhere and at anytime.  Heavenly Father wants us to pray often and with a purpose.  I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ.  Amen
The kids did a great job and we are so proud of them.  

Friday, November 15, 2013

Poor baby

Our crazy, energetic, always up to something 2 year old finally met her match. 
She ran a 102 fever for 15 hours or so and it knocked her off her feet.  She was whiny, mopy, emotional and demanded LOTS of chocolate milk.  This picture was taken at 9:15 in the morning.  She took a 45 minute nap and then took a 2 hour nap at 11:30.  She was quite snuggly with us, so we didn't mind the whining so much.  She's been fine since and had no other symptoms other than a fever. 

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Funny kids

Miss Lucy would not take a nap when we laid the kids down for naps.  This meant that if she went to church she was going to be a BEAST till bedtime.  Matt stayed home with Lucy and Jo (who did take a nap, but it's easier to pay attention without her).  I took the big kids and they were great.
 I'm guessing he's practicing his air traffic controller moves.

 He is SO proud of his Mohawk.  I haven't informed him yet that he gets to keep it until Saturday night.  Maybe we'll make it a fall thing he can do every year...maybe.
 This crazy baby is amazing at her skills of maneuvering herself around on the kindle. 
She also has crazy, fast, 2 year old stripping powers.  At naptime yesterday she stripped down to nothing (we laid her down fully clothed).  It didn't stop there though.  She proceeded to poop on the toddler bed in a few different spots, then spread it with her hands.  Thankfully Matt was home to help with clean up.  The girl prefers to be naked or just in a diaper, and can escape out of any kind of clothing we put on her. 
On a side note: look how long her hair is.  I love it!

Thursday, November 07, 2013


Last night the kids were watching "Signing Time" and Ally was questioning whether or not a sign they used was the right sign.  I told her that in Utah, that's how they sign that word and then showed her how it is signed here in Indiana.  I am thankful for a daughter that asks questions and questions adults when she's not sure if they are right.  Yes this can be quite annoying, but I am glad that my kids know that they can ask questions and it is okay to question adults when you're not sure. 
I am also thankful for a fun 4 year old.  He told me this morning that he loved me SO much because I got his geo trax trains out for him.  He was even more excited when he came home from preschool to find that mommy had built a REALLY cool track all over the dining room. 
I am thankful for our independent and demanding 3 year old.  She tests my patience on an hourly basis, but is really good about saying "please and thank you".  She loves to snuggle with mommy and daddy.  She is best buds with 1 of her siblings all the time (but never more than 1). 
I am thankful for our busy 2 year old.  She is always up to something.  Currently she wants to be potty trained, but doesn't want to do the work on her end.  She loves to sleep smack up next to mom during the night.  She likes to wrestle with Ben and daddy.  She loves to play "mom and dad" with the big kids.  She knows what she wants and will hold out until mommy (daddy doesn't usually give in) gives in.  She loves Holly the cat and is starting to be nicer to her.  She is feisty and mean, but follows it with pinching our cheeks and saying "I wuv you mommy (or daddy)".
I am thankful for our forever 15 month old that is our constant reminder to do better.  We miss her dearly and look forward to the day that we get to have all of our kids together.  I am thankful for the time we had with her and the memories we created.  I am thankful for a temple marriage that seals us as a forever family. 
I am thankful for the time I've had to carry this little baby.  I look forward to a month from now when we get to deepen our bond.  I love the smell of new babies fresh from Heaven.  I am thankful he has 4 siblings that are excited to meet him and 1 that will be sad to see him leave. 
I am thankful for a husband that loves me.  I love watching him with our kids and knowing he's grown so much because of them.  I love that he takes care of us (even if he is feeling too tired) and doesn't complain too much (he's done a great job massaging my sore carpal tunnel hands this pregnancy).  He works hard at work and home knowing that it will eventually pay off (the kids won't be so abusive, eventually, right?). 

Wednesday, November 06, 2013

It's another mohawk kinda day

Ben has been SO funny about his hair ever since we cut it into a Mohawk.
He wants his hair "fixed" everyday with gel and hairspray.
And if it's not "pointy" enough he requests more hairspray.
 He has such a sweet face.

Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Silly kids

After eating her popcorn, Jo turned her bowl into a hat.
She thought she was pretty clever.

Sunday, November 03, 2013

Josey's cute skirt

I got this skirt at a garage sale for $1. 
The lady had her daughter wear it for a picture and that was the only time she wore it.

Saturday, November 02, 2013

Our first Saturday of November

Ben wanted his hair spiked.

 He will be sporting this thing for at least 2-7 days, then mommy will be removing it.
 Our cute little cowgirl.  She removed her jammies and dressed herself in Ben's stuff.

 It was time to take Ally to piano and Jo went right out to the car.  She made sure to give daddy a run for his money, when he tried to put clothes on her.
 This cute little cowgirl picked out her outfit.

 Our motley little crew.
The 2 little girls were eating their "sport candy" (apples). 
The older 2 were eating giant pixie sticks (none of them REALLY loved them and we ended up throwing them away). 

 I am hoping Lucy gives into the cold and accepts wearing pants at some point before winter is over.
Maybe that's why she is wearing Ben's boots????
 Grandma did you ever think these boots would get this much use? 
Matt, Ben, now Lucy, next Jo and lastly Briggs. 
After playing outside, we jumped in the van and played/ate at McDonalds. 
We finished off their night watching Madagascar 3 and eating ice cream.