Monday, May 31, 2010

They ALL sleep like Daddy.

I find it interesting that all 4 of the kids sleep like Matt. Crazy.

Kitchen bath

My kids have all loved kitchen baths. There are all sorts of new toys to play with from around the sink and you can easily splash whoever is giving you a bath. This time it was Grandma Horn.
Don't let his expressions fool you, he really was having fun.

Lucia's first time at church

Okay just to prepare you, the girls have matching outfits for the next few Sundays.
Here is the 1st one. Ally's is a little girls dress and Lucy's is the matching doll dress that came with Ally's dress.

She's not totally hooked on the pacifier yet, but when she wants it, she wants it.
Not a very good picture of any of us, but the best out of 5.
Ben is still skeptical of Lucy and not quite sure what to think or do with her. We tried to get a picture of him with her and Ally and I know I didn't get one on my camera. He didn't even want to sit next to her. After church was another story. He was so interested in pulling her socks off and trying to rock her carseat.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Lucy 1 day old

She followed suite of her older siblings last night and was awake every hour wanting to eat. Hopefully she continues to follow after her siblings and once we get home, sleep through the night without all those obnoxious night time wake ups.

She's still cute even when she's crying.
She already loves her pacifier.
Grandpa and Lucy
Benson and mommy
Tahnee and Lucy
Ally, Ben and mommy eating ice. We sure love our ice!
Tara and Lucy
Lucy, Ally and daddy
Lucy, mommy and Ben. Ben was totally fine with this setup as long as he had his pacifier. He was even fine when he realized Lucy had the same one. I think we're going to try and get the pink ones for Lucy and Ben can have the green/blue ones. Those are his favorite and I don't think he's quite ready to have them taken away. It'd also be hard to take them away from him when Lucy will be using one.
Lucy laying on the quilt that Grandma Horn made for her.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Lucia Lyn

They started me on pitocin at 7:30am this morning.
Lucia Lyn was born at 2:56pm. My longest labor yet.
She was 8lbs 9oz. I had asked Matt on our way to the hospital what his guess on her weight was and he guessed 8.9oz. Way to be right on babe!
She is our shortest baby at 20inches. Maybe she'll take after her mama and be petite!
She is absolutely beautiful and we couldn't possibly love her more!
Her incredibly proud big sister.
Her skeptical brother. He's not quite sure what to think about her.
Our beautiful little lady.
Princess Lucy
Ally got to help give her a bath.
Lucy got Ben a travel magna doodle, Ally a bug catcher and pez for the kids to share.
Our family.
Ben and mommy
Grandma Julie and Lucia
Mommy and Lucy
We are all doing well and couldn't be more excited to finally meet our precious girl.
Thanks to Grandma Julie for playing with the kids all day. Thanks to Grandma and Grandpa Horn for spending the night with the kiddos, so Matt could stay with me.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A fun day

We've had a very productive week thus far. Today we did ALL the laundry and it was all done by noon. I even had time to pull out the user manual for my camera and discover things I didn't know it could do or didn't know how to do.
This is Matt most evenings after work.
Mr. Destructor of all things.
I love this little man.
I found that the camera can take pictures in sepia, black and white, neutral, and vivid colors. How fun!
Who would've thought that 2 diaper packages would entertain them so much?
They were even used as a step stool.
And weight lifting equipment.

She was using her microphone as a bat.
Ben threw her the ball.
Here you go sister.
Playing with a watch on daddy's head.
Eating the watch.

Wrestling with Ally.
Playing with daddy.