Sunday, June 26, 2016

We made memories!

The kids picked Taco Bell for dinner before we got to the campground.
 We had lots of fun canoeing, swimming, playing in the sand, kicking the ball, taking walks, sleeping in a tent, eating around a campfire and hanging out.
Right before we left, Brigham wasn't watching where he was walking and fell into the fire pit.  Luckily, we had the van loaded and just needed to take kids to the bathroom before starting a new activity.  So we got him rinsed off, ice on him and headed to the nearest ER.  He has 2nd degree burns, but should be fine other than possible scaring.

We seriously have some good kids.  The kids were all really good while we waited at the hospital.
They were great campers, canoers (is that even a word?), sleepers and a great friend to cousin Olive.
They had a great weekend and now it won't be one to forget!

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Video fun

Our summer thus far

We've had a fun/busy summer so far.
We've been to visit grandma and grandpa.
 This little stinker decided he only wants diapers at bedtime and when he needs to poop.
He's really doing great with it.
 The kids had 2 weeks of tennis camp.  Jo started off playing, then decided she'd rather play with chalk and bean bags (really glad I didn't pay for her). The other kids are really improving their tennis game.
 Lucy is in the middle with the pink shirt/blue skirt. Jo is in the purple shirt/blue skirt.

 Ally turned 10!
 Lucy turned 6!
 The kids love legos.

 Playing on the monkey bars at the park.  She was actually walking across them.
 We took the van to the shop to get the tires rotated/balanced.  They were all lined up with their kindles.
 Relaxing on the driveway.

 Uhh I gotta pee!
 Look what we made mom!

 Lucy is in the pink shirt.
 Birthday date!  We were a little late on delivering Lucy's birthday date.  She and Ally both wanted to do the same activity, so it worked out.  One of them picked the location for lunch (Firehouse Subs) and the other picked the location for dessert (Yogurt in Love).

 They wanted to paint pottery.
Ally did a bowl that had peace signs on it. 
Lucy chose a cat piggy bank.

 Hey Kitty! What are you eating? 
 Shake and Go speedway!

Dress ups 
 Climbing! Lots of climbing has been happening here.
 Campfire in the backyard.  Smores!

 Naps in the van!  There have been LOTS of van naps this summer. I'm doing a pretty good job wearing them out.

 Fishing at Tara and Jeff's.

 Way to go Lucy!

 Ben had more fun attempting to catch fish with his hands. (he didn't catch any)

 Swimming at Julies pool every week. This is probably the favorite thing to do every week.
My kids are serious fish and I am so glad. 
 As soon as they are done swimming and change their clothes, they get to eat lunch.  They are usually so hungry they eat 2 sandwiches, an applesauce, yogurt, granola bar and crackers.  Then tell me they're still hungry.