Sunday, October 26, 2014

A fun Saturday

We started off the day with plans of going to ZooBoo at the zoo.  But upon driving to the entrance and noticing the big back up of traffic, we drove past the zoo and noticed how packed it was.  At this point we informed the kids that we would not be going to the zoo because it was too busy, but we would still do something fun.  We found a parking spot and walked to the canal.  We thought we'd check out the paddle boats, but upon looking at them a bit closer noted we'd have to get 2 and we might lose a kid in the water.  So we walked to the bike rental building and rented a double surrey.  It was quite fun to bike around the canal/IUPUI area.  The kids had fun, we got exercise and avoided the crazy busy zoo. 
We had planned on doing dinner over the fire when we got home.  So Matt got started on building a fire, the kids played and I got things ready for dinner. 
We had hot dogs, chips and smores for dessert.
Ben had fallen asleep on the way home from downtown.  I had woke him up enough for him to walk in the house and throw a huge fit on the kitchen floor.  He ended up going up to bed for the rest of the night and missed all our fun.  He was SOO mad this morning when he realized he missed it. 
Brigham had fun exploring the grass/leaves.
 He doesn't like how they taste.
 Signing dad.

 Matt was a little mad I was taking pictures and not helping.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Dressing up for Trunk or Treating

Brigham went as a horse (this was Cosette's costume).

 He sure was a cute horse.

 Definitely preferred just his onesie.
 Anna and Elsa
The girls said they wanted to go as sisters, so they had to be Anna and Elsa.

 Brigham loves the magna doodle.
 We had to have a dance party before we left.
 Ben was a red power ranger.  He was bummed because he didn't have a mask. 

 As soon as I got them out of the van I tried to get a picture. 
Brigham was ready for bed at this point, so he was crying.
 They had fun and were no problem to put to bed tonight.

Thursday, October 23, 2014


I had sent Ben out to the backyard and challenged him to climb this tree.
Well I looked out the window a few minutes after he went outside and see him just sitting there looking around.  So I asked him what he was doing.  He replied he was stuck and needed help getting out.
 Of course I have to take a few pictures before helping him out.

 Brothers and cousins
Ben has been asking to hold Jonah more often, so I try to let him.  He is such a sweetie to Jonah.  He talks so sweetly to him and it just melts my heart.
 Poor Brigham has his 3rd double ear infection in 4 months.  We think they are related to teething, but still it sucks. 

Wednesday, October 22, 2014


Jonah and Brigham
 Brigham has started to say "bay buh" or baby.  He LOVES Jonah.  Jonah isn't sure what to think of Brigham though.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

3 cute kids

Brigham loves this train.  It moves when you shake it and makes noise.  He thinks it's hilarious to throw the train and then crawl after it.

 Love em!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Raking leaves

Ben has been begging to rake leaves so he can ride his bike through them.
 His big accomplishment as of late is climbing this tree.  He loves it.

 Taking a picture of 5 kids is hard work.  I should say, getting 5 kids to look at you with a smile on their face is hard work.

 Brigster loved the leaves.