Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Elsa Braid

I figured out how to do the "Elsa Braid" on Lucy.
She has more hair than Josey and longer hair than Ally.

 Ben was trying to entertain Brigham for me.

 I tried the braid on Ally's hair, but it didn't work out the same.  If her hair was longer I think it would've been a lot better.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

March/April birthdays

So for me to make it a successful start to Sunday, I have to have all church clothes set out the night before and the church bag ready and kids bathed.  Then I have to get up before Matt leaves so I can get a shower and get myself ready.  Then I feed the kids, dress them, fix their hair and if there is time we take a few pictures.  We had plenty of time on our first Sunday with Matt not home.

 He is such a fun, happy guy.

 We celebrated March/April birthdays.  I was in charge of dinner.  I chose CafĂ© Rio.  It was scrumptious as always.
Then we did presents.  Tara and Jeff got Ben a basketball and Lucy has asked that they get her a pink one for her birthday.
 He got a bell and horn for his bike from Tahnee and Lilly.

 A puzzle from Trent.

 A wicked fast nerf gun from Travis and Danika, don't let it hit you, it hurts.

 Duplos from Tiffney and Chris.
 Legos from Grandma.
 My mom made me a board to measure the kids. I love it.
I also got gift cards to my favorite stores.
 The 4 cakes: Tahnee's was some carrot, cream cheese, carmel cake.
Jeff had chocolate cake with chocolate frosting with sweet tarts on top.
Ben had a train cake.
I had a brownie, chocolate pudding, strawberry, cool whip trifle.

 32 candles is really hot.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Crazy fun, tiring Saturday

With Matt's new schedule we have to cram all of our "fun" and our "must do's" into Friday night and Saturday. I have to make sure I have everything ready Saturday night, for church the next morning. 
We started with me running to aldi to finish my grocery shopping.  Matt changed the oil in the van, then helped the neighbor fix something on their car.  While he worked on the cars, I fixed a picnic lunch and the kids played outside.  Matt had a bit of time to hold Brigham and find out that he is attempting to fit both fists in his chubby cheeks.

 We loaded in the van, I handed out sandwiches and drinks and we were on our way to Brown County.  We thought it'd be fun to visit lots of state parks this year.  So far we've been to Brown County and Potato Creek.  We were hoping that all 5 kids would sleep on the way, but only 3 actually did.  They all slept on the way home though.  We did a hike around Strahl lake that we had never done before.  It was definitely easier for the kids and I think they liked it better than the other one. 

 Me and my 2 walking partners (aka you have to hold your walking partners hand).

 Oh and no one fell in the lake, so that was a bonus.
 The turtles were loving the weather as much as we were.

 My kids and water = must throw things into the water, doesn't matter what.
We had a great time as always at Brown County and were so glad we got out and enjoyed the beautiful weather.