Thursday, May 21, 2015


Lucy is at the right age and maturity to follow instruction from the teacher. Josey though wants to do her own thing.

Crazy baby's bruised face

Someone got ahold of my iPod

Lucky for me they took pictures of them self so I could easily identify them!

I love when they just want to be held

Especially when I don't have lots to do.

Sweet boy fell asleep with a doll.

Happy birthday buddy

I love that this getting bigger to fast boy of mine has to give me lots of hugs. I love when he comes over to me and says, I just need a hug mom.

Photo bombed by daddy.

Silly kids

Not quite sure

Ben fell asleep during Sacrament meeting....on his boot.
Miss crazy wouldn't go to her class, so she tortured me by coming to mine.
The older 1 was having a rough day as well and came to my class too.

My favorite dinner

I love red beans and rice. I make a pan for Matt and I that is spicy and a non spicy one for the kids. 

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Sleepy babies

Lately I've been trying to hold Brigham off on his nap until we get to church.  (we have 1 pm church)  Then he naps for us which is awesome.  I've been bribing Ben with candy for the last few months, so he has been napping willingly on the floor every week.
This little girl was so tired that she was being a bit crazy during sharing/singing time.  Then she asked if she could take a nap, to which I quickly picked her up and cuddled her on my lap.  It didn't take long for her to fall asleep...into a deep deep sleep.  I took her to class with me and layed her down. 
She slept through 2 giggly girls in my class.  I did wake her up a the end of class so we could take a walk outside and explore things with our hands.

My beautiful people

 In the last few days, he has learned that his arms/body is tall enough to reach the water on the refrigerator.  So of course it is hilarious to stand there and soak yourself.  (He went to church with a wet shirt).

 The face that follows when mommy stops the fun with water and turns the water off.
 Ohmygoodness, these girls look so much like siblings when you put them this close.

 We've had a few problems with the lawn mower lately.

 The buttons are a bit sticky.
 And it's really hard to push.
 Some of us are about to throw in the towel when it comes to mowing!
 Is this not the cutest picture of these 2? 

Friday, May 15, 2015

I am going to eat

your belly.  Brigham is still obsessed with everyone's belly.
He loves to blow raspberries on tummies.  I need to get a video of him and the face he makes when he tries to do it on Matt's mildly hairy belly.