Tuesday, March 27, 2012

March 27

Miss Jo and I had a fun time tonight while daddy was playing basketball and the big kids were sleeping.

March 26

It's rough being the youngest.  This is what my big sister picked out for me.
My other sister took one of my socks and threw it somewhere for mom to find later today!
 Lucy has some fun dance moves.

March 25

YEAH they are looking at me!

 I love this dress Lucy is wearing.
 Such a cute smile.
 I promise she had a bath this morning.  She has cradle cap and I didn't get all of it out.

 I realize Ally's skirt is short, its now in the box of too small for Ally.
Do you like how Lucy wears her headband?

March 22

She is such a spunky girl.
LOVES to wear dresses.  And also loves her accessories.  Whether its Ben's baseball hat, a helmet or a tiara, she loves them all.
 Josey is getting so fast at crawling.  She really tries hard to keep up with the big kids.

March 21

She is such a fun girl.  I gave her a pancake one night.  Lets just say, she's not a huge fan.

 It started to get so hot here that Jo got heat rash.  So the girls were wearing sun dresses.  I think Lucy and Josey will be in sundresses most of the summer.  They seem so much cooler than a shirt and shorts.

March 20

This was Lucy's dress last year.  Jo can't fit into her dress from last year and this is way too short for Lucy.

 Somehow I got all 8 eyes looking at the camera.

March 18

 She's getting so big.
 I love her dress.

 Ally really wanted to make a pinata for my birthday, so Matt helped her make one.
She had fun and was so excited about the whole thing.

 And she broke it!

March 16

I LOVE Ally's school.  Her principal is A.W.E.S.O.M.E.
I had a pretty great principal when I was in 1-4th grade, but he was nothing compared with Ally's principal. 
Ally was awarded an excellence t-shirt because she always has a smile, says "good morning" to everyone and is a positive role model to everyone.  We are super proud of Ally.

March 15

I love these chubby baby legs.
Such a fun boy.
 Can you see the storm moving in? 
We here at the Horn Abode LOVE LOVE great big thunderstorms. I can't wait till the kids are a bit bigger so they can play outside during rainstorms.  I remember playing outside during hail storms and thunderstorms and a few times when tornads were incredibly close (we didn't have sirens back then to let us know to get indoors).  We like to sit on our back porch and watch the storms.  LOVE LOVE doing this with my kiddos.

 I just want to kiss her...she's so cute!
 Don't you just love her face?  I sure do!
 Lucy decided that she wanted to start going through the terrible 2's a bit early.
Maybe she'll get out of them sooner this way...just maybe.
She's very demanding and MEAN.  But she can be so so sweet.  We will get through this, we will.

Thursday, March 22, 2012


Today at Wal-Mart the kids and I were doing a quick shopping trip.  Ben was in the big part of the cart, Lucy in the seat of the shopping cart and Josey in the bjorn.  The kids were being good and QUIET (seriously, they were really well behaved) and this man that was walking past us, stops and says "I think you need 1 more".  To that I said" I have 2 more that aren't with me right now".  His mouth fell open and all he muttered was "oh" and then quickly walked away.  This has happened several times recently.  When I have Ally with me and it happens, she's always quick to make sure they know that Cosette isn't here with us. 

Thursday, March 15, 2012

March 12

This was our activity for FHE on Monday.

 I think it's safe to say the kids had fun.
They got dirty, ran ran ran, played in the sandbox, with the wheelbarrow, rode bikes, helped daddy wash the cars (as much as he wouldn't let them), and found every toy possible in the garage.

The 3 little kids and I have been taking bike rides and having fun outside while Ally is at school.
The downside to this is NOTHING is getting done inside.  BUT it will all be there on a rainy day for me to do, so I will wait till it rains to do that stuff.

March 10

Little Miss Josephine thinks she's so funny progressing SO fast. 
I keep telling her to slow down and just be my little baby, but NOPE she keeps going and growing and trying new things.

March 9

It started with Josey laughing at herself in the glass of the fireplace.

 Ally and Josey got to go see the pediatrician. 
Happy Birthday Mommy.
Lucy was at the Dr. on Wednesday with an ear infection.
Jo has a double ear infection and Ally has a single. 
Happy 30th Birthday!
 Ally came home from school on Thursday because her stomach hurt.
I kept her home on Friday because she was running a temp, then to find out she had an ear infection.

 This little guy lucked out and didn't get an ear infection.
At one point, Matt said "is this how you would have pictured your 30th birthday?".  NO it's not. I ended up sick with a head cold, dealing with 3 girls with ear infections and a whiny little dude.  LOTS of fun.  We still had fun though.  McDonalds/Rally's for lunch.  QDoba for dinner. 
Saturday we met up with Matt's parents in Kokomo to celebrate his dads birthday and my birthday.  We ate and played at a park.  I got a sewing machine, which I am excited to use.