Thursday, January 31, 2008

Catching up on pictures
Ally eating a donut. Her body, the table, chair, and floor also got some of her donut too.
Ally playing with her dolls. She likes to cover them up with blankets and lay down with them.
Okay, so Cosette looks really big in this picture. I don't think she is that big, just a bad angle.
A cute back view.
Cosette playing and a better view of her.
Okay, so Ally wore both of these last winter. Some how she is able to still fit into one. She is almost too tall for it, but for now it works well, when we need to go pick up one of my brothers and no one is going to see her.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

okay i just posted this on here for today. it is so my sister can see what she needs to fix. she has sectionals this week, so good luck tahnee.

tahnee you are the one on the top of the screen.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Teething, sleepless nights, and spit up.

the girls have been teething for what seems like weeks, oh wait, it has been weeks now. ally's finally getting a tooth coming in. cosette is still trying to get hers to start poking through, i know they are in there because i feel them when she's eating.
the teething has led to MANY sleepless nights. last night ally woke up twice and cosette woke up at least 5 times. i am exhausted.
on a lighter note, cosette has given us a few good laughs recently. last sunday she spit up all over in ally's hair and the other day she spit up all over ally's stomach and it ran down her leg. ally almost threw up after she looked down at her stomach. i thought it was hilarious. cosette is seeking revenge after ally has picked on her a few dozen times.
on to a serious note, President Gordon B. Hinckley died last night. he was a great man with a great sense of humor. he will be greatly missed by all who felt of his love. i know he is much happier being with his wife who passed away 4 years ago. he was 97 years old so he had lived a full and productive life.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Playing in the snow
We didn't stay out very long because it was very cold out and I had brought Cosette out with us. She ended up having a good time being outside, until she started to get really cold. Ally was VERY upset that we had to go inside, even though her little hands were cold, she wanted so badly to stay out and play.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Grandpa and Ally using their laptops
Mommy trying to get things done around the house, when Cosette wanted to be held ALL day.
Ally playing in her new car.
Ally's new wiggle's car.
The picnic table on the left, Ally got over the summer and the one on the right she got from one of my friends. They also gave us the two cars in the above pictures and the sandbox and playhouse in the pictures below. We were SOO excited. Ally loves the new outside things.

Ally was entertaining Cosette.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Have you ever had one of those days with your children, where you are going absolutely crazy? It seems like I have had at least 2 of those days every week for the past month. The other day we were having one of those days, so we went to Walmart. I figured we'd fit in with everyone else having one of those days too. The girls were great in the store and I has exhausted when we got to the car. I was trying to get Ally buckled into her carseat and she kept saying "mom, mom, mom". Finally, I stopped messing with her seatbelt, looked at her, and said, "Yes?" She replied, by waving her hand (her sign for I love you) at me and mumbling something. I just stopped and took a deep breath and everything seemed so much better. The day went better and the kids were fine the rest of the day. It is so sweet to see Ally telling us she loves us. It always makes my day so much better. She is so good at reminding me what is really important.
On Sunday, I had a few people comment on how Ally and Cosette are so cute together. Ally had been hugging Cosette, giving her kisses, holding her hand, talking to her, and singing. I guess people were watching us, I'm just glad Ally didn't pick her nose or Cosette spit up everywhere. What would they have said then? Your kids are gross! The thing is, the girls are like this ALL the time with each other. They hold hands, play together, kiss, hug, tickle each other (well, Cosette gets tickled), talk, smile, and laugh every day. It is quite cute to watch them. Ally and Cosette both do better at diaper changes, when the other one is laying next to them.

Monday, January 14, 2008

After Church, some of us are ready for a nap. Can you tell which one was REALLY ready?
Cosette is not quite sure about this photo shoot.
She's ready now.
Ally was not willing to cooperate.

Talking to grams on the phone.

Sisterly love
Cosette: Ally, I want to hug you.
Ally: Okay, but I am going to put you in a headlock first.
Cosette: I tricked her into giving me a hug, so I can pull her hair!
Cosette: Mom told me I have to be nice to Ally.
Okay, so some of you might not find this funny, but the girls and I found it funny. Ally tooted and then got into this postion and showed me where her toot came from. Cosette is grabbing her legs too.
Ally: Cosette, you're not doing it right. This is how you put your foot in your mouth. I am going to help you get your toes in your mouth.
Ally: Watch me!

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Can you see the remains of Ally's almost black eye? It's now yellow and almost gone.
Ally got a fisher-price Christmas train, for Christmas.
Ally, mommy, and Cosette
Ally playing with Cosette.
Cosette discovered her toes.
She also discovered she can stick them in her mouth.
She can roll both ways (front-back and back-front).
Cosette is playing with one of her Christmas presents.

Monday, January 07, 2008

Yesterday Matt was on the phone with his parents and Cosette was talking UP a storm. It was so cute. She was in a great mood, but then again, she usually is.
Here Cosette is talking on the phone. Matt had it on speaker phone.

Some what good news. One of my friends told me that she takes her daughters pacifier from her if she doesn't stay in bed. I thought, I'll give it a shot. IT WORKS, well until Ally wakes up at 3 am. But it keeps her in her bed and not behind her door. YEAH!! Now if only I could figure out why she is waking up (we are thinking she is teething, as is Cosette..could we be any luckier?).

On Saturday we drove down to Columbus and got together with our good friends. We had a great time playing celestial companions and scattergories. It was a fun night. Ally and Emerson played well together so that was nice.

Sunday, we switched from having church 1-4pm to now having it from 9am-12. The time is much better for the kids, but is not easy for us to get going that early.

Today we went to the rec center and Matt worked out while the girls and I played in play world, then we went and played/watched Matt shoot some hoops. Ally got to watch Cinderella for the first time today. She was very intrigued by it, so much so that she layed down for her nap 2 hours later than I had planned. And tonight we are going over to Aunt Kates house for pizza. It'll be a good ending to a good day.

Pictures of two sisters that adore each other.

Ally's new thing lately is to sit on her sister and play with her. Cosette doesn't seem to mind as much as I do. I really have to watch Ally when Cosette is playing on the floor because, she'll just go over to Cosette and sit down on her. Cosette usually laughs, but I'm just afraid she might get hurt one of these times.

Ally is getting ready to tickle Cosette. Cosette is laughing SO hard right now.

Ally kept trying to pry Cosette's hand out of her mouth, so she could hold her hands. Cosette only wanted her hand, not Ally's.