Monday, August 31, 2009

Random pictures from our weekend

Mommy and the kids. Ally thought Ben looked cold, so she got her blanket to share with him.
From the first time we looked at the house, Matt REALLY wanted to put a BIG tv in that framed spot. The previous owners had a mountain scene with a lake in front of it. They had curtains around the frame and a light at the top of the frame.
I left ALL the decisions up to Matt, after all this is HIS big purchase. Hopefully he'll be fine with all of my decisions when we take out all the shrubs in the front of our house.
The boys in the man-cave. The basement is 1/2 toy room and 1/2 man cave.
Some how we got this just in time for football season.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Cosette's Headstone

This is one thing you NEVER think you'll be purchasing for your child. It took us (me) quite a while to be ready to pick it out. It was the "last" thing we had left to do. We knew what we wanted to put on it, but being "ready" to do it was another story. We are now done with everything. We sure do miss our little girl.
They are putting the vases on there next week.
Our family
As much as I don't like it, Ben really likes his thumb.

I think...

I am caught up. I need to take an after picture of our backyard and then post it with the before picture I took, but I might need something to do tomorrow, so I'll leave that for then.

Grandma Julie's Birthday!!

Matt and Travis showing how cool they are!
And their muscles.
Tara, Ben, Ally. and a picture of the cake.
Tiffney and Tara
mom and Matt


Grandma Horn and Ally trying their hand at acrobatics. When we went to the fair we watched the chinese acrobats and thought it was really neat.

all ready for church mom!

Grandpa Horn and Benson


Great Grandma Horn got this kitchen set for Ally and Ally was cleaning it up. Ally did this while everyone else helped with getting tree #1 cut down and cleaned up.

Travis up in the tree.
Getting ready to cut down tree # 2.
Ally watching the action

Matt was in charge of the rope.
Tall tree.
Ally and Travis

All ready
this picture doesn't do this spider justice. this thing was huge. then my brother squished it.
John was in charge of the chain saw.
Travis and Matt with the neighbor boy watching to make sure the tree didn't fall on his house.
Well, I was trying to get a video of the tree falling, but I pushed the power button instead of the start button. Big bummer!

Clean up- Thanks everyone for helping us clean up.

Last day at the State fair...for us.

We had a great last day at the fair. Matt's parents came with us and we had lots of fun walking around looking at things. The rain clouds held off for a few hours, but then ran us out of the fair, with rain.

Me, Jackie, and Ben is in the back of the stroller.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Cosette!

I don't usually write on the blog but, I think today I will make an exception.


I miss you. You meant a lot to me and still do. I think about you more then I probably should. I miss they way you would look for me when I came home from work every day. I always looked forward to seeing your little face there in the window. It still hurts not to have you there waiting. I suppose you might be looking and waiting, just somewhere else.

Every Sunday I would pretend that it was a chore to take you out of sacrament meeting, but secretly I enjoyed spending that time with you and singing our song while you fell asleep. Boy I miss that now. Ben seems to fall asleep without any real assistance.

I don't know what it's like on your birthday where you're at, but I bet you're having fun. Just don't be too ornery.

I just wanted to tell you happy birthday and try to tell you how much I love you.

I'll love you always,

Happy Birthday

Today is Cosette's 2nd birthday. We celebrated by going to the monument place and checking the headstone. Then the kids and I did an errand and then home for lunch and naps. When Matt got home we picked up my mom and we ate at Applebees. Came home and had family home evening and Matt mowed the lawn.
I thought about her quite a bit more than I normally do. I miss my bug. This year she would have really gotten into her birthday. She'd be at that age where she would know that today is her birthday and the whole day revolves around her. We celebrated her birthday on Saturday with her grandmas, grandpa, Great Aunt Kate, Aunt Tiffney, Aunt Kim, Uncles Travis and Trent, and of course the 4 of us. We had a small meal that she would have enjoyed. We then went out to the cemetary and sang songs and a few of us shared memories of her. I don't know how many of us weren't crying. I am still feeling the emotions running high right now, but that is to be expected.
Happy Birthday our little Angel! We love you and think of you oh so often.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Big eater

Ben definetely takes after Matt when it comes to eating. Last night I thought we'd try baby food for the first time. He ate an entire jar of peas. He probably would have eaten more, but I wasn't about to let him. After the peas I nursed him and he still acted hungry.
He is a very active and involved eater. He had both hands and both feet helping me get the spoon to his mouth.
After Ben got done eating, we got the kids bathed and then went for a bike ride to Dairy Queen. We got a blizzard to share and then rode to the park to eat it. Ben was grabbing for my spoon and wanted more ice cream. He LOVES to eat.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Okay, so this little guy loves to suck on things..his hands, fingers, pacifiers, toys, my fingers, Ally and now toes.

Yesterday morning he got so tired playing on the floor that he just had to take a nap right there. I love that he is on his knees and sucking his hand.

Nap time woes

Yesterday nap time was a disaster. After several struggles with getting Ally to take a nap, I gave up. But in the middle of the struggles I found Ben like this. So I had to move him back to the middle of the crib and that's when Ally decided she wanted to play with him.

Ally was singing him a song...
then it got really silly. And Ben held onto EVERY word she said.
This little guy loves kisses from Ally.
And they really like to hold hands.