Monday, April 30, 2012

April 29

The girls wore their matching skirts with white shirts, but I didn't get any pictures of them altogether.  Ally stayed at church with grandma and the rest of us came home. 

 My handsome little guy.

April 28

Friday after we picked Ally up from school, we went to a firestation in town.  They were having an open house and were giving tours.  The kids had fun and Matt and I really enjoyed seeing the whole building.
Then we headed up north to celebrate B man's birthday.
A train cake with cake balls in it.
 He was trying to explain to Great Grandma Horn that those were his presents.

 A ball, soccer goal, shorts, 2 shirts, dinosaur movie and 2 nerf guns for him and daddy.  He had a fun birthday and has already had fun with all of his gifts.

April 25

Jo had her 9 month check up.  She is 24.8 lbs (95 %) and 29 in (75%).
 The kids were good at the dr, well minus the part where Dr. Duck repremanded Lucy for hitting Ben.  If only he saw Lucy in action more often. 

 Ben had his 3 yr. well check.  He's 3 1/2 ft tall (90 %) and is 34 lbs (75%). 
At our appt with Dr. Duck we found out that his last day with the practice will be May 23.  We are quite sad and will miss him.  Luckily though there's another dr in the practice we like almost as much as Dr. Duck.  When I told Ally that Dr. Duck will be leaving she cried and was so upset. 

April 24

Last week I made "Make every day count" my motto.
Monday Matt ate lunch with Ally.  Then we drove him to the airport, where he flew to Tennessee for work.
Tuesday the 3 little kids and I went to the zoo after taking Ally to school.

 After we picked Ally up from school on Tuesday we went to the park.

 We came home and had pancakes and sausage for dinner and cake for dessert.

April 22

We started the day off with church.
Lucy was exhausted when we got home.
 Ally wanted to pose for pictures.

 Ben shared some yogurt bites with Jo.

 After naps we had our annual Easter egg hunt. 

 She's getting herself prepared for next year.
 Lucy knew what to do once she had her basket in hand.

 The kids did well and there was only one basket that tipped some eggs out.
 After the egg hunt we had Ben's birthday dinner- Italian sausage, hot dogs, pasta salad, corn, fruit salad and chips.  Then we did cake (I didn't get a picture of it).  I made him a train cake with Diego, Boots and Dora on it.
That was followed by presents.  He loves his presents and has had fun with all of them this week.
 A soccer ball, bubbles, sidewalk paint, fishing pole, t-ball set, Thomas the Train shirt and a remote control monster truck. 

April 21

Ben's birthday was the 22nd, but we went ahead and gave him his present from us.
I think he was excited.  He loves riding his bike.  Although after getting on his bike he informed me that we forgot his peddles.  It's a balance bike, so he'll learn the balance and steering part first, then we'll get him a bigger bike with peddles.

 Lucy gave up on riding the scooter and decided to follow the other kids and drag her scooter.
After this, I got out a tricycle for her that she loves to ride.
 Watch out for this one, she'll eat all sorts of things she's not suppose to and will barely eat things she's allowed to.

Friday, April 20, 2012

April 20

Taking a nap with our new pet "turtle". 
She has been so sweet with this turtle.
She gave him water and tried feeding him cheerios.  When she noticed he wasn't going to eat them, she gladly ate them for him.

 My one find at a garage sale today- more duplo blocks.  This set has duplo train track.  Ben loves it.
 The kids had fun with them.  Jo enjoyed chewing on them.

April 19

My kids are growing TOO fast.  I'd appreciate it if I had more time in my day to enjoy the stages they are at.
Jo's into chewing on EVERYTHING...even diapers.  Don't worry after this picture the diaper was removed from her hands and disposed of.
 Ben is high energy almost all the time.
 Lucy loves dolls right now.  She will nurse them, tells me to get them food (which then she eats for them), burps them, throws them in the air, feeds them her pretend food, pushes them around in the doll stroller, shows them toys and is just really sweet with them.