Friday, September 30, 2011

September 29

My girly girl.  Loves her dress shoes and looking pretty.  Loves attention and wearing headbands with big pretty flowers/bows.  Loves to be told how cute she looks.  Must be a girl!  Although this outfit doesn't scream cute, she was feeling it with those shoes on.

 Look Mom, no hands!
 Tricks on the swing.

 Ally and her friend were making a bird nest in the bucket and left it unattended long enough for Ben to come by, stir it and dump part of it out.

Matt is now home from Boston (well as of last night).  I am POOPED.  The kiddos have yucky noses, nasty coughs, no fever and are part grumps. 

September 28

So cute in her leg warmers.

 Getting all clean after getting all dirty outside.

 Loving the coloring thing.
 Sooo excited to have someone to color with now.

September 27

Partners in crime.

 The above picture makes it appear that Josey has a big head...really she doesn't.  Her head measures in the 31%.  Little head, big body.  She's long, long and has some cute little rolls.  Did I say she was long?  She has now grown 5 inches in the 2 months since she was born.

September 21

My beautiful girls.

 Love her smile and laugh. It's too cute.
 She is turning into such a girl.  Purses, dolls that need blankets, and coloring for extended amounts of time.

September 18

After church we drove up to St. Joseph, Michigan and had a picnic lunch, played on the beach and took a walk along the canal.

 He still very much enjoys chasing the seagulls.  Even had fun trying to do surprise attacks by crawling after them.

 Cute picture!
 It's a bird!

 WARNING!! If Lucy sees you laying down, she WILL climb on you.  You laying on the ground tells her it is time for her to jump/climb on you.

 Watching the boats come and go.

 On our way back to grandpa and grandmas house.  They are zoning on tv, but you see everyones faces.