Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Catching up

We went to the apple orchard.
And had lots of fun running through the trees.
There's nothing better than a good crunchy apple on a late summer day.
We went to the zoo and the white river gardens. I let the girls play in one of the fountains and Ally got drenched.

It was such a great day to be outside. It was a little crisp outside, but perfect and sunny.
And the girls were up for getting their picture taken.

We ended up going to the zoo twice in one week. And then went again last week with some friends and another day went to the Childrens museum with them.
Cosette is very hot natured. You can tell she is sweating just by looking at her hair. I got so excited about it getting cool, that I pulled all the fall clothes out and started dressing the girls in warmer clothes. I've decided to hold off on the long sleeves and long pants until it is really cold, at least for Cosette.
So looking at this picture, you can see that Ally has on jeans and the rest of the pictures she has on capris. She got so excited when she saw the tortoise that she peed. So we changed her clothes.
Cosette loved petting the goats. She was very intrigued with them.
Ally thought they were great.

The lady let Ally brush them. She then REALLY thought the goats were cool.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A mothers instinct

Last night was not a good night for us. Ally was up crying/screaming all night about her ear and throat. Matt thought it was a ploy to stay out of bed, but I thought it was an ear infection. I took her into the doctor this morning and she has a bad double ear infection. Poor girl, she looks like she doesn't feel good and doesn't want to do anything she normally would.
On to other things, I have a lot of catching up to do from the last few weeks, and I'll try to get to that as soon as things start turning around.

Monday, September 22, 2008

French Fries

Last night we were driving home from a weekend at the in laws, when we heard Ally say she wanted french fries. Huh? We looked ahead and there was a McDonalds. She then went on to inform us she was hungry. Matt was not too impressed by this. I kept trying to tell him that we only eat out with him, most of the time. The girl is too smart.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

What we've been doing the last week

Obviously Ally has picked up a few things. I DID NOT SHOW HER THIS, SHE STARTED DOING IT ONE DAY, AND HAS DONE IT SINCE.
Cosette played in a leotard we found, when we were going through the fall/winter clothes.
Ally helped me make pudding and Cosette loved eating it.
Such a happy girl.
Last Saturday I went to my best friends baby shower and then we got together with her family at her parents house and roasted hot dogs. We had a fun time.
The girls and I have found a park that we have lots of fun at. It's the Avon Park and at the pond they have very friendly ducks. Ally gets braver each time we go, with how high she'll climb on the playground.
We've been going through fall clothes for the past 4 days now. I've been trying to put summer clothes away, but keep some out in case we get a hot spell. Sorting through these clothes can get stressful. That is when you have 4 little hands that are very insistent on helping you.
Matt has been busy with school and work and is ready for the weekend to re-coup.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Playing in the hose

Last night after dinner, the girls and I decided to go outside and eat popsicles. Well, then we had to play in the hose to clean off. We had a great time.

A fort building kind of day

Cosette got 2 cranium fort boxes for her birthday from Monica. We had such a great time making the fort and taking it down and re-doing it. Thanks Monica.

A love of books

The girls both love to read/look at books of any kind. I find Cosette looking at books a lot more often than Ally. She loves to just sit in front of the bookshelf and turn through the pages. The first two pictures are from Friday, I was in the kitchen and walked into the living room to find that they had taken all of their books off the book shelf, sat down in the middle of the heap of books and started reading.

Indians Game

Last week a co-worker of Matt's offered him some tickets to the Indians. So of course we went, but we changed things a bit to accomodate for the girls. We had 2 box seats and knew that wouldn't work out with the girls, so we sat in the grass and brought snacks and toys. I thought this would keep them entertained, if they started to get restless and boy was I wrong. Actually it probably would have worked, had it not been for all the kids running around. I had told Ally she had to stay on our blanket and was not allowed to run around. I didn't want to be the parent responsible for a toy going in the field (which did happen and the parents still didn't watch their kids).
This second picture shows how the evening went, despite our efforts to take short walks and entertain them.

We ended up leaving around the end of the 6th inning. Maybe another year they'll be more cooperative.