Tuesday, July 27, 2010

3 well check ups

Tonight we had the 3 kids' well check ups. Here are the stats:
Ally-41 lbs and 3'6 in She's in the 75th-90th for both weight and height.
Ben- 24.07lbs and 32 3/4in He's in the 50th for weight and 90th for height.
Lucy- 13.07lbs and 23 1/2 in She's in the 97th perc. for weight and 90th for height.

Do you see a pattern with the height?

Ben & Luc both got shots and hardly cried.

I informed Ally she has to get shots before going to Kindergarten (she's not too excited).

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Fun Thursday

We started the day off a walk/ bike ride.

After the walk we went to Wal-Mart.
Then later on I let the kiddos watch Phineas & Ferb on the computer.
Check out their profiles...do you think they are related?

She's in lala land right now and it's the perfect time to lay a big wet one on her.
Ally's fun head of hair.
Our ball of sweetness.

Do you think they are making the same expression?
It looks to me like Lucy is trying to pull a face as well.
Ben was SO excited to be holding Lucy for the picture.
I took another one between these 2 pictures with Ally holding Lucy, but as the flash went off, Ben pulled Lucy over onto him.

We'll see you tomorrow Matt! Hope you're having fun!

Love you!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Lucy Lyn

We started with lots of smiles and laughs.
Got her changed and she was starting to second guess mommies idea.
(BTW this dress was mine) I'll have to see if my mom can find the picture of me in it and put it on here.

The pacifier keeps many tears away.

If I give you 1 smile, will you let me sleep?
I guess not.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Just pictures

More of sweet Lucia

She now gets to play in the safety of the pack n play. This way her brother can't bug her (other than shaking the pack n play).

Sweet Lucy

She's been smiling for a while, but is doing it more often now.
She will especially smile and sometimes laugh when I talk to her. It's so sweet.

She got so excited, her eyes crossed. Her arms and legs were moving with excitement.

Oh, what's this?

A fun Saturday

Saturday we thought we'd head out and find some ducks to feed.
There weren't any at the park in Avon so we played.

There weren't any at the park in Danville, so we played some more.

Well, most of us played.

Then we went to the orchard and thought we'd get slushies and feed ducks at the pond/lake they have there. Well, no ducks, but we did pick apples and get yummy slushies.