Sunday, October 31, 2010

Primary Program

We had our primary program today. It went really well. I am looking forward to next year and have LOTS of ideas on how to improve on this years. I love the kids in primary and really enjoy my calling. Ally & Lucy wore matching dresses today. I love that Lucy is big enough and Ally is still KIND OF small enough to get them matching dresses. Ally loves it.
Ally had Lucy laughing SO hard when we were taking pictures. Ben fell asleep on the way home from church. Teething is really taking a toll on him.
Could Lucy's flower be any bigger?
I had wanted to put the big flower in Ally's hair and the small one in Lucy's hair, but Ally wanted it the other way.

Lucy's dress is an 18 month and the diaper cover was quite tight on her legs.

October 30

Getting ready to go trick or treating.
Our trick or treating was Saturday night.
Our town doesn't do trick or treating on Sundays because most people want more focus on religion.
I wish I would have gotten pictures of Ben going up to some of the houses to get candy.
He was so cute. He'd follow Ally up to the door and drag his bag behind him.
A few times he got distracted by what they had near there porch (one house had an ash tray, another was a flower pot).
When we got home Lucy was tired and hot. We dressed the kids with layers on just in case the temps dropped fast.
Ben's favorite candy right now is suckers.

October 29

Since Lucy turned 5 months, she got to try green beans.
I'm not sure how well she like them.
After every bite, she'd stick her fingers in her mouth.
It made feeding her a bit messy and difficult.
She's a cute mess!
Such a happy girl.
When it wasn't his turn to get his picture taken, he would pretend like he was crying. I think Ally's drama is rubbing off on him (not good).

We asked him if he wanted to take a shower and this was his response.

October 28

Ben really enjoys watching shows on the computer.

Lucy laying on the floor playing, while Ben watches tv.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Trunk o' Treating

The kids in their matching shirts from Grandma Horn.
They were watching "Casper".

When Matt got home from work, we picked up McDonalds and then headed to the church for the festivities.

A few of our friends.

Doing the cupcake walk.

Ally eating her cupcake with her friends.
Ally, Lincoln and Vincent
A sticky mess from eating his sucker.

Ally watching one more Casper. Ben was dancing to the theme song.

A big thank you to Grandma Horn for the fun Halloween outfits. And an even bigger thank you for the cute Halloween costumes. We are pioneers. I was holding Lucy and the camera all night, so no pictures of us. I will get some though on Saturday.

Our fun morning

Looking at Ben, you might be thinking "wow bold color choice". I was thinking "maybe this way he can't sneak out of my sight".
The weather was great. The wind was blowing, but it wasn't too chilly. Lucy enjoyed it.
Ben helped me rake leaves.
Ally & Ben played in the dirt.
I love Ally's eyes. You can always tell her mood by her eyes.

He loves playing football.
So he intentionally walked over to the curb and threw the football into the street, then yelled "uh oh, touchdown". Hmm. Luckily our street isn't busy and he waited on the curb while I got his ball.
He loves Cosette's pinwheel.
Walking with Ally.
Returning the neighbors ball.
Sweet baby!