Tuesday, October 28, 2008



8 Shows I like to watch:
1. House
2. Biggest Loser
3. re-runs of What I like about You
4. re-runs of Full House
5. Phineas and Ferb
6. House Hunters
7. Clean House
8. John & Kate plus 8

8 things I did yesterday:
1. laundry
2. gave the girls a bath
3. ate lunch at Wendys
4. tried to figure out meals for the next 2 weeks
5. watched Cinderella
6. watched Toy Story 2 (yep it was one of those days for us)
7. made dinner (lately this is a major accomplishment for me)
8. took a shower

8 favorite places to eat:
1. Cheeseburger in Paradise
2. Kelseys in Valpo
3. Gyro Stop
4. Abuelos
5. McDonalds (right now it's one of the few fast food places I can hold down)
6. Olive Garden
7. Dairy Queen
8. Applebees

8 things I am looking forward to:
1. having this baby
2. buying a house
3. decorating the house
4. Disney World
5. Matt graduating
6. Cosette going to nursery in Feb.
7. warm weather
8. the first snow of the season, I can't wait to see the girls playing in it

8 things on my wish list:
1. a house
2. having all our school debt paid off
3. a safe and happy delivery of child #3
4. traveling to Honduras with Matt
5. a dishwasher
6. a new washer
7. a working passenger window for Matt
8. a happy and healthy family

8 wonderful gals that I now tag:
1. Jessica
2. Erika
3. TJ
4. Kim
5. Allery
6. Lindsay
7. Megan
8. Maile

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Naptime Crazies

Ally has started this ritual of as soon as I shut their door at naptime, she climbs out of her bed and into Cosettes crib. Today she went as far as taking 2 pillows and her sippy cup with her. The girls will lay in there and wrestle until I come in and separate them. Yesterday they both woke up from their naps when I was finishing my shower, and I found them wrestling in the crib. Just ignore the towers of tubs in the corner. We don't have a lot of storage space, so I just start stacking it in the corner.

Just a few faces

This is Ally trying to say princess in a funny way.
This is Cosette saying "cheese" and trying to smile at the same time.
I love this face. I see it about 50+ times a day.
She is signing Jesus.

I caught her at the end of her signing daddy.

Dressed for church, Halloween, and decorating cookies.

This was after church. Ally had already changed her clothes. This outfit Cosette has on, is the one Ally wore on the day Cosette was blessed last year. It's amazing how fast time flies by.

We went to my moms house after our Sunday afternoon nap. We had dinner and then decorated pumpkin shaped sugar cookies, with orange frosting and lots of different candy. We started doing this when I was like 3 or 4 and it has stuck ever since. This is one of my favorite holiday traditions. It's so fun and we all just sit around the table and decorate our cookies, eat, and visit.
Cosette had frosting everywhere. The girls were very excited to be able to take baths at grandmas. A little side note: Ally now associates eating with taking a bath. Probably because after breakfast and dinner they usually have to take baths due to the amount of food in their hair.

Uncle Trent being annoying.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

A visit to a farm

One of Matt's co-workers has a farm and said we could come visit. The girls loved it and Ally did a good job of bringing home some dirt/cow patties. We had a great time and can't wait to go back and visit the animals. They have a cow that is due in April just like me. They have 2 young cows, 3 horses, lots of chickens, a few roosters, dogs, indoor cats, barn cats, and rabbits. The girls had fun with the animals. Ally got to sit on 2 of the horses and really liked that. Cosette seemed to enjoy being around the animals, just not when they came close to her face.
Ally sitting on Barney, the horse. The guy holding her is Matt's co-workers husband.

Ally feeding the rabbits some carrots.
Walking out in the field to talk Honey and Barney into coming close so we could get a better look.
Cosette & Matt in the barn.
Cosette, Mommy, and Barney.
Cosette, Barney, and Mommy.
Honey, Cosette, and Mommy.
Ally sitting on Tysen. He was such a friendly horse. He also had a very beautiful color to him.

Ally and the 2 young cows.
Cosette and Matt checking out the cows.
Matt, Cosette, and the pregnant cow.
Yeah for a fun afternoon.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I'm a big girl

Cosette has been showing great interest in the toilet. She knows when she is peeing and lets me know. I figure, for now we'll just get her comfortable with sitting on the toilet.

Dressed for church and dress up

As I've said before, Cosette loves to read books.
She was just waiting patiently for us to leave for church.
The girls all ready for church. I should have either shut the blinds or taken the picture somewhere else.

Ally loves to dress up and wear my shoes around the house.

Dressing for the cold

I decided I needed to try the girls winter gear on so I knew if we needed to buy anything. Fortunately they fit into everything we have. We might have to go out and get Ally a bigger coat if she hits a growth spurt during the winter, but everything else should work for the cold season ahead.


So last week Matt had to go to Cincinnati for a conference for work. The girls and I were lucky enough to tag along. We stayed in a nice hotel downtown. The girls and I went to the Museum Center where they have an AWESOME childrens museum. We had a great time at the museum. After Matt got done in his conference we went for a long walk to Newport, KY. It was a nice walk and I think we all enjoyed it, especially since the rain held off until we got back to the hotel. If you're going to be in Cincinnati and have kids, you should totally check out their childrens museum. I found it was more hands on for kids than the Indianapolis Childrens Museum. Also, all the different areas have things that would be fun for all ages.
There are 3 museums, 1 IMAX, and their train station in this building.
This is in the "Woods" area. There were 4-5 turtles in this tank and the girls LOVED watching them swim.
They had all these nets you could climb through and caves and tunnels. Very fun.
The sand table is always a big hit.
Playing at the water table. Right before I put the smock on Cosette, a lady dropped a big bucket of water in the water table and it soaked Cosette. After that she really didn't want to play in it.
Ally was ready to leave the water area after 5 minutes.
This area was SOO cool. There was a net around the entire area. Balls were everywhere and there were tubes that would suck the balls into them and drop them somewhere else. We spent quite a while there.
The girls really liked this cute kitchen area.
Cosette kept trying to drink out of the pan.

This area was somewhat like the area in science works in Indy, except this area was larger and had more to it.
Cosette loved playing with the duplos (legos). Isn't funny, we have duplos at home and she seemed way more interested in the ones at the museum.
They had the Clifford exhibit. They had some of the same things they had in Indy and some different things.
Ally got to deliver mail and thought that was pretty cool.
She moved Cliffords bones around.
They drove in the truck.
Cosette drove while Ally sat in the back.
Yeah for a fun trip!