Thursday, August 04, 2016

Update August-October

 Brigham was helping brush Holly.
 Ally got glasses!
 Brigham and I visit the library weekly and he loves it.
 These 2 cuties come over 3 times a week.
 Sometimes they will let Lucy hold them.  Lucy LOVES babies, but they don't always love her back.
 Matt went golfing for a few days with his friends.
 We celebrated another birthday, without the birthday girl.  She'd be 9 this year.
 We've done bike rides.  Unfortunately they wake up when we get home.
 We've played outside a bunch.
 Worked on our skateboarding skills.
 Pogo skills have also been tried.
 Gone hiking

 While the big kids were at school, we went to the splash park.
 Picked apples at the orchard. 
He made sure to try every kind we passed.

 He even got to sit in the front seat.
 We had a block party.  Lots of kids...and this was less than half the families with kids that came.
 Lucy had pirate day at school.

 We went to the Quaker Day Parade.
 The kids loved it and it was only a few blocks (less than 1/2 mile) from our house.

 When the weather is nice, the kids get to ride bikes, color with chalk or just run off energy before school. 

 This was September 21!  It was warm enough to swim! We got lucky that my friend hadn't shut her pool.  The kids had a blast.

 She REALLY wanted a side ponytail, but her hair was too short, so we made it work.
 Spirograph !

 She made an art show and had it out so everyone could come walk through and see her drawings. 
She is so creative and cute.
 Matt stayed home with the kids and I was able to go with Ally to her overnight field trip.  It was fun hanging out with her, her school friends and getting to know some of the moms better.

 He doesn't take a pacifier anymore!
 She wanted fun colored hair, so that's what we did.

 Lucy had transportation day.  This is probably one of my favorite days.  In the past whoever isn't in school yet, walks with me to the end of the street and we just watch from across the street.  This year, they invited us over.  The boys LOVED it. We got to walk around with Lucy and her friend.