Tuesday, March 30, 2010

According to Ally

Cars pee and motorcycles poop.
We were getting out of the van this morning to go into the grocery and she looked over at the empty spot next to us.
Ally "a car peed there"
me " um I guess it did"
We are walking at this point and walk past a motorcycle, to which she replies
"if cars pee, then motorcycles poop". Ummm...sure.

I can totally see where she got that cars pee (leaking fluid), but I am clueless as to why motorcycles poop.

Just a peek into last week..

The kids and I have been somewhat busy this last week, doing what, I'm not sure, I just remember being busy. One thing I do know is that I've been busy making dinner every night. In the last 2 weeks, the kids and I have eaten out once and it was Saturday night. Matt and a few guys from church came over for an xbox party, so the kids and I escaped to my moms house for the evening and went out to eat, then made a nursing poncho. I'll post pictures later of my nursing poncho, it is WAY cool.
Now on to the pictures...

Sorry dude, had to post this one. Ben loves playing with Ally's doll house, even when all the pieces are put away.
Ready for bed.
Really, I'm smiling.
On Sunday we were all matchy in pink, I didn't get a before church picture and Ben was asleep after church. I'll have to dress everyone up and take a picture. Ally had her hair in 2 braids and this is what it looked like Monday, after I took the braids out.

Who knows what's up with this little guy??? I took him to the ped. on Friday (his normal Dr. wasn't in, so we had to see another Dr.) and he said whatever he has is either a cold or viral. Umm okay. Friday night he broke out in a rash and it hung around until he woke up Monday morning. He's been fine since. He is up to 21 lbs!
Showing her dance moves.
Showing his teeth.
Big helper or so he thinks.
I'm helping mom, really I am!
Obviously Ally's hair has changed a lot in the last year or so. It use to be, when I took out her braids, her hair would be all curly/kinky and within an hour of playing, it'd be straight again. Now I take out the braids and the next day it's still curly/kinky/crazy. Ally is definitely my big helper lately. She has been helping with dishes, laundry, Ben, making beds, setting the table, making meals, grocery shopping, and picking up. I think everyone should have a girl first, then boys. Matt had a few people tell him this after we found out we were having Ally. It's totally true. Ally is always concerned about her brother and making sure he is taken care of and feels included. Lately she's been telling Ben stories about Cosette and reminding him that we have to work hard and be good so we can be with her again. This little girl KNOWS that when Jesus Christ comes to the earth again, she WILL get to be reunited with her sister. I am incredibly grateful for the plan of salvation, the gospel and my testimony. I know that my family will be together forever, not end at death. Matt and I have 3, soon to be 4 beautiful kids and I feel so thankful for them everyday. For the opportunity I have to stay home with them and instill in them the values we find important. We are continually striving to better ourselves, so we can be reunited with not only our sweet Cosette, but so we can be a forever family.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

One of my favorite things right now

Whenever I go into Benson's room to get him up either in the morning or from one of his naps, he points to the picture of Jesus that hangs on the wall across from his crib. As he is pointing to the picture he says "Jesus". For the most part you can tell what he's saying. It's quite cute. After repeating Jesus for a little bit we go through and point to everything else on his walls and try to say what they are as well. Such a fun age!

Monday, March 22, 2010

We've been busy/ lazy!!

All 3 of the kids sleep like this. Guess what? So does their dad. If they aren't asleep on their backs with their arms by their heads, then they are asleep on their stomachs with their feet curled underneath. It's been fun to watch the similarities between the 3 kids.
Ben is such a ham. He KNOWS he's not allowed up on the fireplace, but will get up there anyway and laugh and make funny faces at me.

We've been sitting on our porch watching all the guys cut down all of the big beautiful trees in the backyards around us. I'll put up pictures so you can see the difference. We're not too happy with the new look.
Oh and FYI: if you are looking for firewood, don't come to my house. And I better not see you walking around my backyard either.
With all of the trees getting cut down, we've had so many people knocking at the door to see if they can take our wood for us, UH NO! I even had one guy walk up on our back porch and knock on that door. It's just nuts what people are willing to do. If you really want some wood that bad, go home and cut down your own trees.
So anyways, we've been busy with watching the tree guys, keeping up with my calling at church, cleaning out the garage, keeping the house picked up, and fixing up the front flower bed. I still need to go buy more dirt for the flower bed, but it's coming along nicely. I'll have to take a picture when we're (meaning Matt) done with it. It feels great having the garage all cleaned up and working outside (although Matt does a lot more of the outside work than I know I'll ever do, it still feels good to be outside!).

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Ben & the ENT

We went to the ENT today and Ben got to experience a microscope going in his nose, while the Dr. looked at his nasal passage. The good news..there wasn't anything there, but it looks like it is acid reflux, which all 3 kids have had so far. Ally had it at the beginning and got over it, Cosette had it quite a bit more than Ally, but eventually grew out of it. Benson had it barely and we thought he grew out of it, so we'll see. We now have medicine for him to see if that helps keep the croupiness symptoms away. Fun, Fun!
The weather is B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L. The temp is perfect and the sun is out, couldn't get much better than this!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Pictures from my birthday

Since I am the one doing this post, I obviously get to pick the pictures. Being pregnant, most of them were not the most flattering, so here's a few to show you.
My mom got me this cool FHE board. Now I just need to find a home for it and have Matt hang it for me.
Ben squishing his face against the glass on the entertainment center.
He is really wanting to walk, but is standing by himself really well.
Matt lighting the candles.
I chose brownies with carmel and chocolate chips on top.
Ben eating ice cream.
Thanks everyone for making it such a great birthday for me.

A fun day at the park

Matt went for a run while the kids got to play. Then he joined us on the swings.

We are quite ready for spring. The kids couldn't be more excited to play outside.

My birthday

Matt took the day off just to make sure I had a great day. Thanks, babe, I love you!
The morning started off kinda crazy, but settled down as the day went on. I picked out fabric with Aunt Kate, you'll just have to wait to see what she's making! Then we went out to eat at a Greek restaurant. It was very yummy and very filling. From there we came home and right before the kids took naps, they gave me a birthday present. They got me 2 chairs (1 for me and 1 for a friend) to sit in while the kids are playing in the front yard. Now I don't have to sit on the ground and get stuck. While the kids took naps I went and got my hair trimmed. Then Matt and I watched 7 Pounds (it was pretty good), Big Bang Theory (we still need to finish it Matt) until Ally woke up, and then we watched the Hannah Montana Best of Both Worlds movie (Ally has asked several times if she can watch it again. Then Ally and Matt made me cupcakes while I took a shower (hence the wet hair in the pictures and the pjs because it was late). They sang happy birthday to me and then I opened 2 cards (Thanks Aunt Kate and Grandma and Grandpa Smith) and a gift (thanks John and Jackie). I saved the cards and gift until the very end of the day to ensure I ended my birthday on a high note. It was nice hanging out with the family all day during the middle of the week. We do lots of family stuff, but it's usually at the end of the week. Yesterday was nice because it was in the middle.
I'll hopefully get around to posting pictures from my birthday at my mom's house.
Thanks for all of the birthday wishes!

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Happy Birthday Tashina!

I found this old picture and thought I'd post it! In this picture you look 12, and now you look more like 14 or 15!

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Our fun little boy

Ben has started this new face, anytime he sees the camera. He opens his mouth and then tilts his head back and sometimes giggles. I thought I'd document it for later on. It's quite cute.

Right after this picture he proceeded to dump the water all over his pants.
Which leads into him being in a diaper and t-shirt.
He had just dropped the ball when the flash went off.
He is awesome at holding the ball with one hand. I tried to get a picture of him holding onto the ball with one hand and turning it upside down. Who knows, maybe he'll be a soccer player, although in soccer you use your feet and not so much your hands, unless you're the goalie.
See mom!
Okay I'm done.
Silly sister.
Always ready for the camera.
He knows he's not suppose to go up there, which is why he's looking back at me, to see if I'm watching.
He loves playing peek-a-boo under the blanket.
So much fun!
Ally was playing peek-a-boo with him over the ottoman.
This morning Ally went and played at a friends house, so Ben was soaking up the attention.
Maybe he'll play football?

See I have teeth!! You can see his top 2 teeth and he's getting a tooth on both sides of those teeth. He has 3 teeth on the bottom. Watch out, he bites! At least he bites me, I don't know if he's really tried biting anyone else yet. Cosette would only ever bite me, maybe he'll do us all a favor and do the same.
Super fast crawler
He's giving his mommy a kiss! He's going to love this picture in about 10 years.

Smart girl

Some of you might be thinking "how does Ally know who Shaun White and Lindsey Jacobellis are?" The answer: we watched LOTS of the Winter X Games and then lots and lots of the olympics. She was watching the X Games when Shaun White smacked his face on the wall and then he took his helmet off and threw his head full of hair back. She has a great memory.

The other day we were in Ben's room/the nursery and she started telling me where the previous owner had things "the desk was here and there was a computer on it and there was a phone over there and a tv right here, then there was a doll on top of this....." Matt and I could tell you she used the room as an office, but I don't think we could tell you all the details like Ally.

Monday, March 01, 2010

Shaun White or Lindsey Jacobellis?

Ally was getting ready to get in the shower, so we took her hair out of her braids.

I then said "Wow you look like Lindsey Jacobellis!"

Ally quickly responded "No, I'm Shaun White!"

I still think she looks more like Lindsey Jacobellis. What do you Think?