Monday, June 22, 2009

Ally's 3 year pictures

Some days she is an angel and other days she's a turkey!
Today she was an angel, Friday for family pictures she was a turkey.
I think the pictures turned out great. Some of them really show her orneriness.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

He rolled over!

Benson rolled over for the first time tonight. Tomorrow he will be 2 months old, so, so far he has rolled over before the girls. So he is smiling, laughing and rolling over for us.
I looked over at Ben on Friday night and he had fallen asleep playing. Matt and Ally sleep just like this. Cosette did too.
Normally Ally does too, but she decided to sleep sideways in her bed that night. (Sorry I couldn't get the picture to load properly)
Ally was trying on the dress that Great Grandma Horn got her.
This is how I did her hair for church today.
It's like a snake.

Swimmin fun

Friday and Saturday we hung out in Ally's pools. It was quite hot and helped cool us off.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Family Pictures

We updated our family picture this morning. Out of the 2 kids, we would have thought that Ben would be an issue with making sure he was happy and looking at the camera. Well, Ben did great. Ally on the other hand was a big stinker. She was excited about getting her picture taken, but when it came time to look at the camera and smile, she wanted nothing to do with it. She was looking everywhere, but the camera. When she would smile, it was goofy and she'd be looking at the floor. Grrrr! 3 year olds! Oh, and to represent Cosette, we brought along her pink blanket and her pink cat. We are going to use those items when we do family pictures as a stand in for our angel. She was definetely missed today.
She was doing something funny with her tongue.
This one turned out great.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Bens 8 week pictures

I am like a month late on getting his 1 month pictures done, so I've thrown off the whole picture schedule for the kids. Oh well.
He smiled! I am so glad. Can you see his cute dimple?

His little arms and legs look so chubby. Really they aren't. He is really long and pretty skinny.
I think they turned out great. I love his hair. I washed it this morning and while I was feeding him right before we left, I just ran my fingers through it and this is what I got. Love it!

Monday, June 15, 2009

I love you Mommy rock

When we were in the Smokies, playing in a creek, Ally and I were picking up rocks and looking at them. I found this one and showed it to Ally. She said it was her "I love you mommy rock". I thought it was so cute. I had to bring the rock home, for the memory. She's such a sweet girl.

This morning she has been very concerned with where Ben is. She'd walk around the house and I'd finally ask her what she was doing and she'd respond with "looking for Benson". He is asleep in his bed. She'd run in there to check to make sure he was really there. Then she'd go back to playing, until she noticed again, that he wasn't in the same room as her. Then she'd go looking for him again. She is so sweet with him and loves him so much. She can't wait for him to be able to play with her. The way he's growing, it should only be a few more months and he'll be into all of her stuff!

Can you sleep comfortably like this?

Ben can.
And does quite often.
He rolls onto his side and squishes himself up like this.

Ally's 3rd birthday party

She's loving her birthday. She talked about her birthday for a week before. The morning of her birthday, she was just so excited.
Head first

I'm this many years old.
Now what?
Birthday girl
the great grandparents & Ben
everyone else
matt, tara, travis
a hopper from tara, she's so excited for me to blow it up for her
books from travis and trent
fisher price happy birthday people from grandma julie
tutu from aunt kim and uncle phil
i love dancing
tool box from benson
digital camera from grandpa and grandma horn
boyds bear and other fun things from great grandpa and grandma horn
towel, cute pink outfit, and photo albums from great grandma lich
i'm the birthday girl
bike and bike accesories from mom and dad
grandma was showing her how to take pictures