Thursday, June 28, 2007

I totally recommend prenatal massages. Tonight I went to Tyler Mason and it was fabulous. I think everyone should get at least one massage when they are pregnant. It's nice to be able to get out of the house and be in an adult only atmosphere and get pampered. I am going to go again in a few weeks and get a manicure and pedicure as well. The prenatal massage is so totally worth the money. It is the best massage for the money there.
Today Ally and I went to Columbus and spent the day with our friends the Nehrings. We went to the mall there and they have a nice playground inside the mall. We got to meet some really nice women that are going to be in Linds' new ward. The kids wore themselves out. We went to a bookstore there in the mall and they had a Thomas the Train table set up and another table with puzzles, a doll house, and a car track. The kids liked playing in the bookstore. Ally slept hard the whole way home. Thanks for a fun day Linds!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

with corn..
barnes and noble bag...
& running in the bag.
My cute dress from my aunt tiffney.
Playing with daddy.

I have decided that Ally is so very easily entertained. Why does she have toys? I wonder this all the time. I can give her a clean baby wipe and she is entertained for 1/2 an hour. Right now she is playing with a can of corn, that she has been carrying around the house for the last 2 hours. I am waiting for her to drop it on her toe. She's come close a few times already. Ally loves to play with paper towel rolls and wrapping paper rolls. She loves to play with her clothes. She will carry them all over the house. She puts her clothes in her doll stroller and pushes them around. Why? I'm not quite sure. She has also found a new love...Matt has a shoe box of misc things that was on the floor in our room..she'd go in our room and open the box and sit on the floor and go through the things. Her favorite things in the box are the pass along cards. Future missionary?
For my birthday and Mothers Day, Matt got me gift certificates to Tyler Mason so I can get the mommy-to-be massages. They are so wonderful. I have saved both of them and am going to use one of them tomorrow night. I AM SO EXCITED. My back has really been feeling the affects of this pregnancy. Oh and did you notice I only have 65 days left. I am getting really anxious already. I have my hospital bag almost packed. I have been so close to setting up the bassinet (pack n' play), then I remind myself that we still have a while.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

I had a doctor appointment this morning and everything is going well. I passed my glucose test a few points lower than I did with Ally. I was excited because the last few days I have started shaking after I have certain foods (maybe it was all in my head). So the doctor said I am right on schedule for August 31 still. Darn!! I was kind of hoping they'd move my date up, but it's still a little soon.
A little Ally update...If you ask her if she wants to eat, she goes to her booster seat. If you ask her if she wants a drink, she goes to the refrigerator. If she wants a drink she will pull on your hand and lead you to the refrigerator. If she is hungry, she says "mmmmm". If you tell her you are leaving, she goes and stands by the door. When my cell phone rings, she says "dada". When we tell her it is time to pray, she folds her arms and sits quietly. The other day she kept coming up to me and folding her arms, so we said LOTS of random prayers that day. She blows bubbles in the pool. She can touch the bottom of the pool (3 ft). She doesn't mind when I dunk her in the pool. She can climb onto the couch and get off successfully. We thought she had mastered getting off of our bed and then this morning she rolled off and bumped her head really good. She likes to play Mario Party with mommy.
I know there are more things, my brain is a little fried right now.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Today we went swimming at my friend/swim coach/high school gym teacher's house. They have a really nice in ground pool, lots of pool toys & floats, a huge pool house, and lots of chairs to sit on if you aren't into getting wet.

Playing with Daddy...
She loves her new fort.
So does Matt.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Ally's 1 year pictures
I know I am a little biased, but I really think the lady did a great job with the pictures. As soon as the lady was ready I set Ally down on the background and she started posing for the lady, it was hilarious. Ally was all smiles for her until the last few minutes.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Birthday Presents!!

Ally opening a few presents...

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Ally's Birthday party!! This is the ending of the party...if you want to see the beginning scroll down and start from the bottom.
Mommy and Daddy had to hose the chair, booster seat, and of course Ally. She was so upset, but I think it was because the water was cold and we were making her stay in it while we cleaned her up.
Ta da!
Dig in!
Alright! Cake! Gooey! Messy!
She smeared it in her ear, fun!
Aww...look at my cake.
I thought she was going to eat her corn on the cob like she eats her popsicles, but nope, she ate from the bottom. After we ate lunch, Ally got to open her presents. She got so many fun presents. Thank you everyone!
Lindsay, Emerson, and Ally. Ally is going to wait for Emerson when we goes on his mission!!
This morning I was frosting the cupcakes and Ally wanted to help, so I gave her a cupcake without the icing. She loved it.
After breakfast (yes we had Ally eat something other than a cupcake for breakfast) we went to Ally's 1 year well baby doctor visit. She weighs 22lbs and is 32 inches tall. Ally grew 4 inches since her 9 month check up and gained 3lbs.
While we waited for the doctor Ally had fun playing in the room.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Yesterday, we started off the day with Ally not wanting a morning nap. So she fell asleep on the way to her friends birthday party. Natalie's birthday is June 9 and had a party yesterday. Ally had lots of fun playing with all of the kids. She slept on our way to pick up her 1 year pictures. She continued to sleep through me carrying her into Target, back to the car, and into the house. She was pooped! She woke up and we went and bought her some birthday balloons. She loved them. By the time we got home, she was totally tangled in the balloons. She loves to put my measuring tape around her neck and let it dangle there (like the women at Jo-Ann Fabric do). She found some tissue paper and for about an hour she ran all over the house carrying the tissue paper and the measuring tape. It was quite cute. When Matt got home from work, we met my mom and brother at Ritters and got ice cream. Normally Ally loves ice cream, last night however, she thought the ice water was better. She had fun eating the ice from the cup. When we got home she entertained herself with wipes. I told Matt, instead of toys, someone should just buy her wipes and ice cubes!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Happy Birthday Ally!!
11 months

10 months
9 months
8 months
7 months
6 months
5 months
4 months-Halloween!
3 Months
2 Months
1 Month
1 week old- my first Sunday at church
3 days old