Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Matt, Tashina, and Ally
We thought we'd take a picture of the 3 of us before church.
I think I am starting to look huge. Maybe if I get brave enough I will post a few more pictures on here before I have Cosette.

Matt and Ally watching the dolphins.
The tortoise..
the new ocean wonders...we got to pet the sharks..
Matt and Ally looking at the sharks in the tank with the funny noses.
Ally loves penguins. She thought they were really neat.

Ally was trying out one of her new swimsuits. Matt put a swimming diaper on her head.
Ally was hanging out with me in the kitchen.
Ally was suppose to be playing in her pool, but found more enjoyment from a wind chime.

Last week, Ally got a hold of a pen (with the cap on it) and when she saw me coming to get it from her, she got so excited and jabbed herself in the eye. She did a good job of jabbing herself because the rest of the afternoon and night she would break into tears every half hour. Luckily she recovered by morning and was back to her happy self. While I was trying to make her feel better she got to chew on a freeze pop and ended up chewing it open, so she ended up in the sink. This is where she sat for about 45 minutes. She played with the clean dishes, the dish scrubber thing, and her bottle brush.
Here's her freeze pop.
She is playing with part of her bottle and the scrubby thing.
She found great enjoyment out of putting her mouth on the faucet and watching the water spray everywhere. (Side note: I had cleaned the sink that morning)

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Okay so I've been tagged by Erika to tell you 8 unknown facts about myself.

1. I didn't start wearing a bra until the end of 6th grade. The only reason I started wearing it was because the other girls would make comments to me about how I should and needed to be wearing one.
2. I love to walk down the laundry detergent aisle at the store. Sometimes, when I have time, I'll just stand there and take in all the smells. I love the smell of bleach. It is such a clean smell and it clears your nose so you can smell it better.
3. I have nasty, nasty stretch marks on my stomach from Ally. They are huge indents in my skin, but luckily for this pregnancy, I won't have to stretch much.
4. I have a hemangioma on my stomach an inch or so below my belly button. It sticks out and you can see it when I wear certain t-shirts. It looks really gross, especially when I am pregnant.
5. I love to look at other blogs. When I find a new blog that intrigues me, I get excited. I have actually been intrigued with other peoples lives for a long time. Don't worry I'm not stalking any of you. I am just curious about what is new with you. I like to see how other people live and then wonder why I am not living that way.
6. When I eat yogurt, applesauce, pudding, (sometimes ice cream) I like to put things in it and stir it up. I will add goldfish, graham crackers, cheez-its, pretzels, or whatever else I can find around the house to add to my dish. Suprisingly, this is usually worse when I am not pregnant.
7. I have a horribly weak bladder. Ever since giving birth to Ally, I have had to make myself go every hour or 2, just to TRY to avoid peeing myself. Occasionaly this still happens and luckily all of my accidents have been at home. This way no one else can see me pee my pants.
8. I like to pick things. Zits and sunburn peeling skin are my favorites. I know this is gross. I've always had this nasty like. I do get grossed out though when they are smelly zits. You know the kind, they've been sitting there festering, growing, hardening. Those are disgusting.

Okay so I am suppose to tag 8 more people and they are suppose to write 8 unknown facts or unusual things about themselves.

1. Andrea
2. Julie
3. Lindsay
4. Mike
5. Megan
6. Traci
7. Kim
8. Kristy

Good Luck!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Today I had a doctors appointment. Everything went well and the baby is right on track. I did inform the doctor that I have been cramping every time and having contractions once in a while, when I go on walks. He informed me then that the reason for this is because Ally stretched my stomach out so well. I was HUGE and have the marks to prove it. He suggested I get a support belt and try to take it easy. Umm...yeah, so taking it easy is easier said than done. My next appointment is going to be a fun one..I get to drink that yummy stuff and do the glucose test. That stuff is sooo gross, it makes me all shaky and queasy.
Look, I can roll my tongue.

Playing outside

Washing the jeep.

Some of you may be wondering why I don't or haven't put her in her swimsuit when we've been outside. Well the reason is because I don't think it is quite warm enough yet for her swimsuit and I don't want her to have stains on the butts of all her suits. When we are washing the car I just take the diaper off and button up her outfit, she loves it.

Eating a popsicle after washing the jeep. You notice she has the red one this time. I ended up with the orange. I now know she likes the red ones better.
Notice she eats her popsicle like she is eating corn on the cob.

Her face was all red from the coldness of the popsicle.
Want a lick???

Her popsicle fell off the stick, so she picked it up off the ground and finished eating it. Yum! Now you want a lick?

Monday, May 21, 2007

Ally loves to eat whatever Matt and I are eating. So I've had to get kind of creative so she can be included in our meals. Once in a while she will eat baby food, but not very often.
Here she is eating pasta noodles and fresh vegetables.

Ally's foot is half the size of mine. Yesterday in church I realized that her church sandals I bought her 3 weeks ago, that were way to big, are just about too small. At the beginning of the spring I had bought her 2 pairs of sandals thinking those would last us half way through the summer. Boy was I wrong, her foot was a size 3 at the beginning of March and now she is almost out of a 4.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Today I gave Ally a popsicle and she LOVED it.
It was windy outside, but not enough to blow Ally's mouth open that wide. She just wanted a mouthful of popsicle.
Here is Ally after she stole my popsicle.
She didn't think that one popsicle was enough.
The stick was very tasty.
Look at my dirty bum. I would like to take a moment to say that spray n'wash has yet to let me down. Ally had dirt/mud, orange and red popsicle, and blue raspberry sno-cone on her outfit and ALL of it came out.

She found it a bit challenging to walk with the hose.
Yes, she did suck on the hose.

This is her favorite pose. She looks through her legs and smiles really big.

Matt had yesterday off so we thought we'd do lots of things outside since the weather was so nice and normally he has to work so he doesn't get to enjoy it.
We started the day off by going to the park. From there we thought we'd go to an Indians game. They were playing at 11am and so we thought it wouldn't be really crowded. As we were walking closer to the ticket window, we could tell it was VERY crowded. We weren't in the mood for the big crowd, so we went and had a picnic in Military Park. It was very relaxing. Ally had a great time. After our picnic we went to the zoo and had a great time. We think Ally enjoyed it. She liked watching everyone around her.
Last night was the first night out of the last 4 that she slept through the night. She was very tired and I was soo thankful for the full nights sleep.
At the Zoo with Daddy...
Petting the goat
If you look closely you can see Ally's pink hat.
This is as close as they could get without paying to feed the giraffes.
Look at those animals

Playing at the park with daddy.
We went before lots of kids came, so we had the park to ourselves. It was lots of fun.