Monday, March 28, 2011

March 28

Oh what are they looking at?

What could be so exciting, they all want to see? Well, none other than the recycling man. Ben was SO upset that they took our stuff. Lucy was just excited to be doing something the big ones were doing.

My beautiful and bald girl!
After this picture, she proceeded to empty the diaper bag, empty the rag drawer and empty all the shoes off the shelf. Where was I? Working on updating the blog. I guess I will have to work on the blog only during naptime.

March 27

Way too fast for the camera!

Lucy has found she can open the drawers in the kitchen. She also learned she can empty them.

Trying to get a good picture was not possible. She kept moving. So these are the best 3 of her cute outfit.

March 23

Lucy HATES touching the grass. If you sit her in the grass, she will not move. So from now on, the sheet will accompany us outside, so she can move around a bit and still be comfortable.

With all the big trucks that have been driving through our backyard, we have HUGE ruts in the yard. Ben has had lots of fun walking and climbing them. Ally has found all sorts of metal and wires from where the trucks have driven through and things have fallen off the truck.

She learned she can blow raspberries on her own arm, instead of on mommy.
What is SO funny?

March 21

The few days of NICE we got we enjoyed outside.

So Ben got this tennis ball from the neighbors yard (if the neighbor boy leaves balls out, Ben feels he can lay claim on them). Don't worry, they always get returned. Even this tennis ball that as I was taking this picture went UNDER our porch. I was determined to return THIS ball. We got it out and put it safely back in their yard and found a larger ball from our house for Ben to play with.

When Daddy's away

we always have a party!

We picked up Arby's.

The kids had a picnic and gobbled their food.

While watching Phineas and Ferb.

Lucy and I ate in the kitchen.

March 17

Had NO idea I still had pictures on my camera from 10 days ago.

The kids had a fun afternoon outside when daddy got home.

Oh no, the pusher can't see the swinger! See how Lucy is enjoying the swing?
Still having fun.
Love this face!
Always up to something.
Having fun swinging on a nice day.
Still enjoying the swing.

The SANDBOX! Ben loves this.
Lucy HATES swinging now. Not quite sure why or when it happened, but anytime we try to put her in a swing she cries.

Our Heavyweight

Miss Lucy is weighing in at 22.12 lbs and is 29in tall. So far she is our heaviest and the same height as the other 3 at this age. She has 1 tooth and lots of ones getting close.
She is hilarious.

Loves to pick on Ben.

Great at making messes.

Loves food.

Adores her sister and brother.

Likes to wake up in the middle of the night, just to sleep in bed with mommy and daddy.

Thinks its funny to shriek in the middle of the night while sleeping with mommy and daddy (she knows this drives daddy crazy).


Spends way too much time watching Ben get into things.

Takes notes on how to get into things.

Cutest smile.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

My kids are great

Lucy has learned how to give hugs and kisses. Today she's shared around a hundrend with me. She'd crawl up in my lap, hug and kiss me, then crawl down and do it again. Oh and she was giggling while she did it too, which made it even better. She is such a sweet baby, except for between the hours of 1am and 6am (then she's just ornery). She loves bugging Ben and will constantly do things to bug him. He normally just sits and takes whatever she's doing until he gets tired of getting his face pulled at, then he'll say "no no CC". So cute! Lucy has also learned if Ben has a drink or food, all she has to do is yell at him until he gives in to her. Funny thing is, Ally is the same way with Ben. Ben can pick on Ally and she will just take his picking, until finally she screams at him, then he laughs at her and continues doing it. Ben also knows Ally will share her drinks and snacks with him. The 3 kids play quite well together which is nice for me.
Yesterday I had asked Ally to fold her laundry and put it away. So she went upstairs to do what she was asked. About 30 minutes later she came downstairs and said she folded ALL the laundry. There was a basket of clean towels and rags next to her basket. Yeah for such an awesome girl! She loves folding towels and rags.

Monday, March 21, 2011

It is unfortunate..

that when Ally wants to tell her sister good night, we have to come here.
Matt and I are always wondering how things might be different if Cosette was still with us. Would Ally behave differently? Would we be any different? I know for sure that the hole in my heart will be there until I see her again. That isn't going away. The pain I feel can be pushed aside when life is busy. When things start to slow down it all comes to surface. I miss my girl. Ally really misses her sister and tells me this all the time. I have gotten past the whole "why'd this have to happen" and have moved on to "how can I improve this crappy situation". Well I can't improve this situation, but my Heavenly Father can help ease the pain. I am so grateful for the gospel and the knowledge that I have that I will see her again. Matt and I were sealed in the temple for time and eternity and our kids will be with us because of the righteous choice we made. I love my kids. They really are great. I just wish I could have them all here together. It'd be so much better having all of them here and it being total chaos, than having this cruddy hole in my heart. Miss you sweet girl!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St Patricks Day!

Our friends came over to play and we were all dressed in green.
Yeah for St Patricks Day!

March 16

Sometimes painting can be very emotional!
Ben enjoys painting for about 10 minutes..then he's done.
Ally on the other hand could sit there all day and paint.
Unless she's having a day like this. She was trying to paint her hand and couldn't do it the way she wanted.
Ben painted his hand to his liking.
Crying makes everything all better.
I love the look on Ben's face.
As soon as I put the plate of paint on the table, Ben mixed them all up. Ally was SO mad. Lucky for her I was being sympathetic and got her her own plate of paint. Yep yesterday was one of THOSE days with Ally. Oh and look we all survived!

March 10

Lucy LOVES paper. She loves playing with it and especially eating it. I have to do a swipe of her mouth all the time and every time I find paper in the roof of her mouth. Silly girl. Ben and Lucy were emptying my shred container. They ended up strewing it all over the house...and I let them. It kept them busy and weren't making a major mess.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

February 25- Ft Myers and rest area

Our twosome troublemakers!
Cutie Patootie!
Getting wiggles out before getting started on our drive home.

Eating our lunch at the rest area.
Picking up pinecones with grandma.
Ben found a BIG pine cone.