Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Hiking at the Indiana Museum of Art

They have TONS of trails on the museum grounds. We had a great time. After our hike we had a picnic.
I am SO glad we have a stroller that is good for offroading.
Ally and Trent

Ally and Grandma Julie

Ally & Uncle Travis

Day at the zoo and the butterfly gardens

before we left. matt needed to study or do homework and wanted us to leave. i know, how rude. so i decided we'd go to the zoo. we had so much fun.
she did so good sitting in the stroller
she was VERY intrigued with the butterflies
they loved watching the butterflies. we'll definetely have to go back soon.

she kept saying "oh, oh"

outside the butterfly gardens. i love tulips.
i let ally run around and play for a little bit. she loved it.
it was about nap time so she was not about to let go of the sippy cup for a picture.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Pictures from the past week

aunt kate made ally some new shorts. thanks aunt kate.
ally loves drawing with chalk, crayons, whatever she can get.
since we were going to be playing outside, i thought we'd try out the underwear. it seemed to go fine, until she decided she didn't want to have to go inside to go to the bathroom.
she went in here instead!
last night i was folding laundry and looked down to see ally in the laundry hamper.
yesterday we met up with some of our friends at the childrens museum. cosette loved the water and was having a great time, until i realized she was sucking on the side of the water tub.
having fun at the big doll house.
ally playing in the playing in the doll house.
eating breakfast with daddy, while they let mommy get some needed sleep.
i love her eyes in this picture.
she kept grabbing at the grass and trying to eat it.
she had so much fun.
she had even more fun with her dinner.
on friday night matt and i got dressed up and went to his spea dinner. it was really nice and the dinner was very good. matts parents watched the girls for us. saturday kim, phil (kims fiance'), matts parents, and the 4 of us went to race for the cure. phil ran the race, while the rest of us decided to hit up all of the booths because of the rain. we got lots of yummy food and a nice shirt and a backpack. that night we went to coldstone and got yummy ice cream.
on sunday we went to the park and had a picnic with matts parents and my brother trent came with us. matt and trent had fun with these 2 trees.
trents legs weren't long enough to do it like matt.
matt flew a kite that we had gotten for easter.
at some points it was really hard to see it.
she is so sweet.
and she is so messy.
i decided to try my hand at a flower garden. here are my daffodils.
we have these purple/blue flowers all over our backyard right now. we really need to cut the grass, but that would make the pretty flowers go away. maybe we'll see what other flowers grow if we don't mow it. yeah right.
playing under the slide.
playing on the slide.
see if you can catch me!
last friday we went out to lunch with aunt kate and went to jo ann fabric to get fabric for the girls dresses for aunt kims wedding.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Is it a dog?

Dancing Girls

I did take pictures, despite not blogging much.

Cosette has had some great faces lately.
I love the look on her face.
She was soo happy on Sunday.
I french braided Ally's hair on Sunday. For those of you that have seen her hair, you are probably amazed that there was enough hair to braid. It has gotten thicker lately. Her hair turned out so cute.
A view from the back.
Cosette dancing with the hippo.