Friday, February 24, 2012

February 23

They kept telling me they were being nice to the other one and sharing.  This lasted less than 5 minutes.
 She's turning into t-r-o-u-b-l-e.
 Love this little girl.  She is so funny, patient, talkative, cuddly, determined, patient, giggly, tolerant, happy and fast.  There is no doubt that she is loved by all of us here in the Horn abode.  The kids are always giving her LOTS of kisses.  Probably more than she'd like, but she lets them love on her.  Look at those fun rolls.
 I told you T-R-O-U-B-L-E.  She is 7 months old for goodness sakes.  STOP growing little girl.  You are suppose to be my baby and you are growing the fastest.  

February 22

First, Happy Birthday Travis.
I can do cute little pigtails on Miss Lu.  She loves it for a few hours, then asks nicely for them to be removed.  
 Loves dressing like a "princess".  The other morning after I dressed her she walked over to Ally and said "Wow, me princess".  

February 20

Ally's buddy at church is moving.  When Ally was 3 she started praying for a girl to move into the ward that was her age.  Soon after, Ellie moved in.  Now Ellie is moving and Ally is quite bummed.  They got along really well and had a blast when they were together.  Ellie always made sure to include Ben and Lucy when they were around (I loved this).  Not all of Ally's friends are good at including the younger siblings, so I liked that I didn't have to worry about B and L feeling left out.  

 Yep they have the broom for the fireplace.  They were doing clean up in the fort.

We're going to miss our dear friends.  

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

February 15

Pretty girl.  We undid her french braids and left it crimpy for school.
 I promise I wash my kids.  They just eat all the time or whenever they walk in the kitchen.

 This is not suppose to be a picture of food in Lucy's mouth, but a picture of the permanent marker on her nose.  She also used that marker to color on my wood floor as well as a few other things.  This was the one thing that it won't come off of, yet.  She was telling me her potato was hot.
 Happy baby was diaperless in the picture and was pooping.  I can't wait for her to finish this medicine, so she stops pooping.  I'm all ready to go back to her Sunday poops.

February 14

Poor Baby Jo has a BAD diaper rash.  So to try to contain her poop, but let her bottom air dry some, she wore underwear.  Poor girl will not be wearing the 2T/3T training underwear again (she had to be squeezed into them).  She fits better in the 4T.  She took a nap on the floor.
 This is what happens to Lucy when she wakes up at 5am.  She crashes at 10am.
 We got 2 inches of snow and the kids are healthy.  I made the younger 2 wait for Ally to get home from school before playing outside.  They had fun.  They were cold.  They had fun.  Ben and Lucy's hands were cold.

 Ally showing part of her snowman.  I'd show you her snowman, but my computer is being retarded (yes the computer is retarded and not me!).
 I did not have proper snow shoe attire on, but she kept saying "peas".  So I ran through the melting snow to help her up. 
 Since baby girl has a soar bum, she's been doing lots of soaks in the tub.  She LOVES it.
 And since Lucy can't stay away from running water, she too has gotten to take lots of extra soaks in the tub.

Ally had a blast at her Valentines party. 
We made 2lbs of meatloaf for Matt for Valentines.  

February 12

After church the kids were T.I.R.E.D. to say the least.
 He had been crying, but then daddy started tickling him.
 She was still her happy self.
 Ally is about an hour past being ready for a nap.

February 10

She is getting more into underwear.
She likes to put underwear and diapers on her dolls.

Friday, February 10, 2012

February 10

The kids pulled these stacking blocks out and had fun sorting them by shape/color.

 Josey enjoyed them because she could put her finger through them and chew on them.

 I put together a quick train track for Ben to play with. 
 He really enjoys playing conductor.