Tuesday, October 29, 2013

My busy body

I ended up taking her into the doctor and she had fluid in both ears, so she's on an antibiotic to help clear that up.  She's not sleeping well.
But if you give her a kindle, she will sit quietly for a LONG time.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Crazy girls and family home evening

These 2 girls can make my morning crazy/hectic or crazy/enjoyable. 
Lately it's crazy/hectic because they've been emotional.

 After putting the kids down for naps, I opened the refrigerator and found someones crust on the shelf.  Really?  Just put it in the trash.
 Family Home Evening activity this week was carving a pumpkin. 
Lucy was in charge of activity so she got to pick what was carved on the pumpkin.
She picked a ghost.  Matt did a fabulous job carving the pumpkin.

Sunday, October 27, 2013


Saturday night Jo had green stuff coming out her eye and a nasty nose.
 Lucy had a nasty nose.
 They got to stay home from church with mommy.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Life's a bit crazy at our house

Have you ever tried to get 4 kids between 2-7 to look at the camera? 
It is not an easy task, but one I hope to accomplish someday.

 Ally is still working on finding her smile without scrunching her nose.
 Princess Lucy has lost hers for the time being. 
Hopefully she finds it soon.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Lilly's birthday party

The kids had a BLAST. 

 Lilly rode the horse like a pro.
 Jo was content hanging out with daddy instead of riding the horse.

 She also had fun climbing the fence, hanging on, then dropping to the ground.
 She REALLY wanted to ride in the front of this tractor.
She said Grandpa needs one.
 She said she was making sand castles in the dirt.
 Uncle Travis had fun driving this around the property.
Ben LOVED this part.  Jo wanted no part of this.

 Still trying to get on the tractor.
 Daddy got to go for a ride and had a blast.

Lilly's 2nd birthday

The kids got to ride a horse as soon as we got there.
The kids were excited about this part of the party.
Lucy wasn't so sure, but decided to give it a try and had fun.
Jo wanted NO part of sitting on the horse, let alone standing next to it.
Ben and Ally loved it.  Ally did it twice.
Lilly had a blast and rode it a few times.
Ben's favorite part by far was riding on the mule (4 wheel tractor thing).  He thinks grandpa needs to get one.  There was also a hay ride, cupcakes, a fire and food.  It was a fun party.
We finished off a fun party, with a FABULOUS Colts win.  I fell asleep during the game.  Matt watched the whole thing.  I'm wondering if he still feels like it was worth losing a few hours of sleep to watch the whole game?  

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Childrens Museum

There are no inside pictures of the museum because I decided that since I was by myself I needed to be ready to grab #5 when she just wanders off.  Also you will note there are no pictures of #5, she decided to soak herself at the water table while we were visiting playscapes.  The kids had fun, but would have had more fun had the thousands of others decided to just stay home.  As always Ally was a GINORMOUS help while we were there.  She took Lucy potty for me when Jo was throwing a fit.  She and Ben were good buddies and stuck together. 

 Want to know how to make this 3 year old mad? 
Ask her to wear pants, not just any pants...jeans.  She threw a HUMONGOUS fit this morning because I gave her a few different options of different kinds of jeans.  We did break down and bought her some more leggings to go under her skirts and dresses, but there are times you need to just wear pants. 
 My handsome little man that can ride a 2 wheel bike all by himself. 
He decided to be like Aunt Tiffney and just jump on a bike and start going without the help from mom and dad.  He just seems to "get" the physical stuff.  He also learned how to buckle his own seatbelt.  YEAH!  We've just been working on it for lots of months now and he finally WANTED to do it himself.  It's just like potty training, he had to want to do it himself and he had the hang of it from that day on. 

Monday, October 14, 2013

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Another fun day

After church (ends at 4pm) we went home and changed and finished packing our picnic dinner.  Then drove to the other side of the county to go to the nature park.  It was kinda chilly for anyone not pregnant.
Lucy chose not to take a nap before church, so she took one on the way to the park.  Jo took a short nap as well. 
 Too busy to get a picture for mommy.
 Trying to get a good picture of this crazy boy is SOO hard.
 Ally is still trying to find her smile, while posing herself.
 She just wanted to play and mommy was bugging her.
After our picnic dinner we did the prairie maze and then dessert.  It was a fun evening and the kids were SO tired, but by shear will they all made it home awake.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Super busy Saturday

We started with piano, then ran a quick errand and continued on our way to the Childrens Museum.
We started with the haunted house.  Can you tell who was excited and who was scared?  We went during the lights on.  Ally thought it was fun and the other 2 were not sure how they felt the entire time.  Jo just went with the flow.  We got LOTS of coupons.
 After the haunted house, we checked out the new playscapes.  The kids LOVED it.
This big kid loved it too.
 We ate lunch in the van after the museum and took naps as soon as we got home.
Once they woke up from their late naps, we loaded them in the van and went to the open house at the Fire Station.  Honestly, last year was much better.  This year was kinda lame.  But the kids had fun.

We headed back home after the fire station and played and fed the kids cereal for dinner (we offered to make hamburgers, but they chose cereal).  Then we went out to dinner with some friends and they had their fabulous daughter come babysit our crazies.  It was a really fun, exhausting day.