Saturday, May 31, 2014

Lucy's last 4th birthday celebration

Aunt Kate and Grandpa and Grandma came over to celebrate Miss Lucy's 4th birthday.
She was so excited to have everyone over.  Grandma made her a nightgown with a matching 1 for her doll.
 An "Anna" dress. 
 A pink fluffy dress.
 Princess accessories.
 Ally made her a crown.
 A yummy chocolate cake with homemade ice cream.

 The happiest baby ever!

 Just another 2 yr old moment.

Friday, May 30, 2014

First day of summer break

We celebrated by running through the sprinkler after going to garage sales.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Happy birthday

Lucy Lu we love you!
Ben made a crown for Brigham.  He liked it until he tried to roll over and it hurt his head.
 We made brookie cupcakes (brownie and cookies in a muffin tin).

 She had requested a Barbie dress.

Happy 4th birthday Lucy!

My #1 rule during the hot weather: if you want to play outside you have to have a pony tail.
I love high pony tails on Jo.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Fort Harrison State Park

Our goal for the summer is to see how much we can use our state park pass.
So far, we've been to 4 state parks.
Sunday after church and naps, we met up with all of my siblings for a picnic.
It was totally last minute and I'm glad we did it.
The kids had a blast and it wore everyone out.
After eating, we let the kids play on the fun playground.

 Ben loved this slide.

 Lucy had fun climbing on this rock.

 Ben was nice enough to hold Lilly's hand and help her up to the top of the slide.

After playing on the playground, we went on a hike. We ended up walking 4.18 miles.  The kids were troopers.  Thankfully we had the stroller and Matt got himself a workout pushing 120 lbs uphill a few times.