Thursday, June 30, 2011

Dear Baby Horn

I am SUPER excited to meet you.  I'm not trying anything crazy to make you want out..but I am waiting patiently for you to come.  I do have a few complaints seem to really like pushing/kicking on my back (this is not cool with me) and then pushing on my bladder (leading to mommy going through 2 rolls of toilet paper/day).  Thank you for finally accepting that I am going to hold your siblings and that kicking them won't get them to move.  I think you're going to fit right in.  You seem to have a sense of humor like your daddy, which would probably be why you keep bugging my bladder (daddy finds this funny).  Just a warning: Lucy likes to say "eye" and then poke whoever is nearest, in the eye.  She learned this from Ben, who did it to her when he first met her at the hospital.  He might try it again, since he now thinks its funny.  Lucy and Ben are also into grabbing noses and squeezing them and they both think it's fun to watch the reaction of whoever is getting their nose squeezed.  Don't worry though, mommy and daddy have already decided we might have to gate you off in the dining room, so you are close, but not close enough to feel the effects. 
So if you decide to be the one baby that comes early, mommy would be super grateful.  But if you still need time to ensure you come out healthy, that's fine with me too.
Love you,


Wednesday, June 29, 2011

June 29

Lucy can flip through a book like a pro.  Most of the time she is gentle with the books.  Then there's other times when she likes to hear the sound that comes from ripping pages.  I've gotten quite good at fixing books. Between Cosette and Lucy, they've done quite a bit of book damage, but they're also my 2 biggest book lovers.  

 My handsome little guy.  His vocabulary is growing so much every week.  It really makes things easier when he can communicate more.  The other day, Lucy taught Ben how to unroll the toilet paper.  Kinda takes me back to Cosette teaching Ally how to do things.  Ben and Lucy play quite well together, especially if Lucy is in the mood to play cars. 

June 27

We had pudding for dessert on Monday.  Ben really enjoyed his pudding.  Lucy probably would have looked similar, had mommy given her, her own bowl.

The joys of kids

Saturday night Ben threw up twice.  Sunday morning Ally came in bright and early to inform me that her stomach which I felt her head and told her to get a book and read it in the bathroom.  You know that way if she needed to throw up, she's right there to do her business.  I then immediately went back to sleep, since it was still bright and early.  When we did roll out of bed I informed Matt that the kids were all staying home from church.  Ben was acting/behaving like he didn't feel that great.  Ally was acting fine...that is until we got to my moms house for dinner.  She was starting to look quite pale.  We pretty much ate and left to go back home.  Ally had the dry heaves most of the night and slept in the nursery, so she wouldn't bother Lucy.  This meant Matt and I were up most of the night with her and were exhausted come morning.  Ben and Ally were both running temps up to 102.5.  Even with motrin, Ally's temp wasn't really going down.  After naptime I took her temp again and this time it was 103.6, so I called the dr and they wanted to see her.  Yada yada yada...Matt met us there, he thought it could be her appendix, I just thought she needed to poop (turns out I was right) and she had some virus.  She's now on the mend and has her bowels back in order.  Ben is getting a 2 yr molar in (which is what I think caused the high temp, causing him to throw up).  Lucy is teething as well, but lucky for us, she isn't having any major issues. 

Get this: Ally is getting a new tooth in and has a wiggly one next to it.  Ben is getting his 2 yr molars. Lucy is just working on getting her baby teeth.  3 kids all teething...sound fun?  Really they are troopers and most of the time you wouldn't be able to tell. 

Monday, June 27, 2011

June 25

Ben loves his fireman hat.  Anytime he hears an emergency vehicle, he runs and grabs his hat, and puts it on.
 The kids WERE playing so nicely together in the sandbox, until someone wanted to see what would happen when she poured sand on her sisters head.  The rest of the night was downhill from there.  Luckily it was close to bedtime, so they were bathed and put to bed.

June 23-24

Ally LOVES to swing.
 Matt was telling me that he's never seen Ben ride his bike.  Here's proof.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

June 21- Lucy loves to read books

June 21

The kids and I had decided to play at the park, since we were already next to it this morning.  Lucy had fun.  The older 2 were on the other side of the playground, so Lucy is the only one I got pictures of.  She quickly realized she didn't like the taste of rocks.

 If Ben likes it, it must be fun.  Ben loves his fireman hat, so of course, Lucy likes it.
 Ben was trying to walk around with this cup on his foot and kept getting frustrated that it was hard to do.


I am getting anxious...not only to meet this little baby, but for her siblings to meet her.  I know they are going to love her immediately.  I can hardly wait to see her with the kids.  I am also getting anxious for Ally to start school.  I am excited for her to start this new chapter in her life.  I am excited to go school supply/clothes shopping with her.  I am excited/anxious for the days of just me and the 3 little ones. 

Monday, June 20, 2011

June 19

 This is how Lucy follows me around the house...with a book in hand...while saying "ba ba" for book.  She is wanting to be read to and usually wants the book read at least 10 times. 
 Ally's 4th celebration of her 5th birthday.  My mom, Trent, Tahnee and Max came to celebrate.
 My mom got Matt a pillow like mine for Fathers Day.

June 18-Ally's 3rd 5th birthday party

Did you get that?  This is her third party celebrating her 5th birthday. 
The first one was on her birthday with mom, dad, Ben and Lucy.
The second one was at Grandma and Papa Horns house with the great grandparents.
And the third one was at our house with Grandma and Papa Horn, Uncle Phil, Aunt Kim and cousin Pete.
Aunt Kate gave Ally money, can you see her excitement?
 Aunt Kate also made her a pillowcase, to which we HAD to put it on that night.
 Mom and dad got her Tangled pjs.
 Grandma and Papa Horn got her Toy Story 3 for the Leapster.
 Uncle Phil, Aunt Kim and Pete got her nail polish remover and nail polish.
 Ally hasn't really been SUPER into sugar lately, doesn't care much for cake, won't take more than a few bites of ice I presented her a picture of this for an idea of a cake and she LOVED it. 
 The Tiana topper is from Lucy's birthday cake.  Ally asked right after Lucy's birthday if I could put Tiana on her cake, easy enough request. This was SOO yummy. 

 We got Matt a new belt and water guns for Fathers Day.  The kids had fun chasing daddy around.
 Lucy had fun sitting off to the side watching it all.

 Daddy also had fun playing on the playset.

Friday, June 17, 2011

June 16

My beautiful bald baby.
She LOVES: to be outside, eat dirt, watch and try to do whatever Ben is doing, eat chalk, run, throw balls into the street, swing and climb up porch stairs.
 She kept investigating the garage last night, even though I kept asking her to come out.
 Ben was doing a bit of landscaping.
 His eyes last night were SO blue and this was the only picture I was able to get of him looking at me.  And this picture doesn't even show off his eyes well.
 Doing a bit more landscaping.
Everytime she came out of the garage, she fell down because she kept forgetting there is a little step there.

Even when you are outside you can get sent to timeout.

On Wednesday we met Grandma in Kokomo, so Ally could spend a few days with Grandma and Papa.  Ben and Lucy definetly miss her, as does mommy.  Last night the kids and I went and saw daddy at work and walked around the mall.  We stopped at Coldstone for a milkshake, that we took back to share with daddy.  We watched the fountains, which Ben loved.  Then we came home and got SUPER dirty (Lucy and Ben), to the point that when they got in the shower you could see the dirt running off of them.  That just means they had extra fun.  

June 13- presents

Lucy got her a Barbie movie...which we had to watch 4 times.
 Mom and dad got her the Tangled leapster game.

 Ben got her an electric toothbrush because she's been so jealous of his.