Monday, March 31, 2008


Cosette crawling

Ally playing dress up

Our weekend fun

Easter Egg hunt
We have started a tradition of doing our egg hunt the Sunday after Easter. This way we can focus on Jesus and not candy. It seems to work well for us. We did the egg hunt yesterday and we had a great time. Ally got a few eggs. She was more interested in what everyone else was doing.
Ally looks so happy..
Cosette looks so miserable. She is definetely a lot more sensitive than Ally. Ally wasn't too affected by new teeth until she started to get her eye teeth. Cosette is getting in a top tooth and she is so sad and just not her happy self.
We had the hardest time getting them to both look at the camera.

Playing dress up!
Ally had her leggings on her head and Cosette's leggings on her legs.
I don't know what Ally was doing with the tape and it looks like Cosette isn't quite sure either.
Here is our happy baby.
And now she is sad.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I want to be a big girl NOW!

Cosette wants so badly to do what Ally does. She gets frustrated when she can't just stand up and run after her sister. We keep telling her that she has to crawl before she can walk, but she wants nothing to do with it. She gets so mad that she just lays her head on the floor and cries. It is really cute. Cosette loves that she gets to sit in the high chair next to Ally and eat when Ally eats. This morning Ally and Cosette were playing on the floor when I brought along a bowl of cheerios. Ally started eating them and shared them with her sister. Cosette was SO excited. She ended up eating all but a few of the cheerios that had made it into Ally's mouth. She is a super fast eater. Definetely loves food. Last night we were at my moms house and Cosette somehow reached out and grabbed a bowl of m&ms. We thought we had got them all from her when I noticed her little gums munching together. Sure enough, she got one and slyly got it in her mouth without us knowing. She loved it.

Dr. Seuss

Yesterday Matt took the day off so he could work on a group project. His project only lasted until 3pm, so we thought we'd take the girls to see Dr. Seuss's Horton Hears a Who . It was a good movie, although it could have done without a few words. I am still amazed at how they let things slip into G rated movies. This was before the movie started. The girls were great for the movie. Ally sat and watched the movie and commented on it several times. There were only 3 other groups of people in there, so her talking was no big deal. Cosette did have a moment of I need different scenery, so we went and got a refill on our sprite. So since we had a good experience, we will definetely be bringing them back in the fall when Tinkerbell comes out.

Monday, March 24, 2008


We had a nice Easter. We went up to Matt's parents house on Saturday night and went to church with them on Sunday. Sunday was full of church, family, playing with toys, and having Ally do a mock egg hunt. Next Sunday, is THE egg hunt with my family. I went out this morning and bought LOTS of candy. I like that we separate Easter from the egg hunt. Hopefully this will help the girls understand that we don't celebrate Easter because of the Easter Bunny.
We hope you all had a wonderful weekend.

Congrats Matt!

I just wanted to tell Matt we are super excited for you. Matt just got an internship at the VA in the executive offices. He is really excited and so am I. He is going to start sometime in April. We are starting to see an end to school. Matt will have this internship this summer, 2 semesters of school left, and hopefully this internship will turn into a job.

Friday, March 21, 2008

sisterly fun

The girls love each other SO much.
I've decided I need to get as many pictures now, while I can. Just in case things change between them.
Sometimes Ally loves on Cosette a little too much!
"Cheese" This is the look I get when I ask Ally to say "Cheese".
I got this dress for Ally on ebay and it is super cute. They said it was a 3T, but it's more like a 6/7. So she has a dress to wear in a few years.

Cosette loves to do what Ally is doing. She was SUPER excited when I put this on her.
She might have been so excited because she could finally taste it.
This is from spring break. I thought it was cute.
Ally and Papaw.
Ally on the porch at our cabin.
Blowing bubbles with daddy.
Then throwing a fit. Just another one to journal.

Sunny days, finally.

Yesterday we took full advantage of the nice weather. We went to the zoo and to the park. It was so nice yesterday. Today we went to the childrens museum with Matt before he went to work. Then we came home and the girls and I played outside for 2 hours. Shortly after we came inside my sister came over and wanted to take Ally out to play, so she played outside for another 1/2 hour. She is exhausted. I didn't take any pictures because I wanted to enjoy every minute of the nice weather.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Spring Break Days 5 & 6

Okay, sorry the pictures aren't in order.
Ally had fun throwing sticks and whatever else we'd let her, into this water trough thing.
This is night 6, in the jacuzzi tub. Cosette was in there with her.
This is what we saw when we hiked up to Laurel Falls.

I let Ally put her feet in the water. It was really cold.
All who hiked up to laurel falls
Grams, Ally, and Grandpa (papaw)
This is at the end of our hike up/down to Abrams Falls. Notice Cosette's head flopped back.
Cosette was this happy when we got to the falls.
Ally was this unhappy. She thought she should be able to run around by herself.
This was at the beginning of our hike to Abrams Falls.
During our hike.
At the falls.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Day 3 & 4 Spring Break

Our picture in front of the sign.

Grams and the girls.
Grams and Cosette
Matt playing pool.
Grams and Cosette
A nice view
of the Smoky Mountains
Cosette and mommy
hiking before
I decided to put Cosette in the carrier.
Cosette sucking on her toes.
her cute backside
Aunt Kim and Cosette
Ally throwing a fit. It doesn't look like a fit because she is playing with a stick, but she ended up on the ground because she was throwing a fit.
Mommy and daddy watching Ally throwing her fit.