Wednesday, May 30, 2012

May 28

Matt and I took Lucy out for lunch and to Toys R Us to pick out her present.  We ate at QDoba.  She picked out a Fisher-Price tea set. 
 Ally and Ben had swim lessons, so Lucy stayed home with daddy and helped him wash the van.  Then we ate her birthday dinner and had cake and ice cream.

 The Boy Scouts had a silent auction and we ended up winning a birthday cake for everyone in our family.  Lucy was the first one to get one.  She has been so excited about her birthday.  I have loved her enthusiasm about "her" day. 

Ally, Ben and Jo got Lucy the 1st season of Scooby Doo.  They were all excited (well not Jo so much). 

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

May 27

Sunday we went to Sacrament Meeting, ate lunch and started our journey home.  It seemed like it took longer to get home and it did, but only by an hour. 
Lucy turned 2 on Sunday.  We celebrated her birthday a day late with cake, ice cream and a date with mom and dad. 

May 26

Thursday night at 8:30pm, we loaded in the packed van to start a 12 hour drive to Biloxi, MS.  We got to their house 12 hours later (13 if you count the time change).  Matt was a champ and drove through the night.  The kids did great.  When we got there we took the kids for a bike ride/walk.  The kids played really well together.  There's a nice playground on base and we let the kids run around a bit more and get rid of any remaining energy. 
Saturday we got up and headed to Dauphin Island, AL. It was a nice beach that I would recommend visiting.  There were even bathrooms with AC. 

 The kids had fun. LOTS OF FUN.  They loved the water the most and can't wait for our next beach adventure.
 Dorsey and Jewels are on the green float.  Jo is in the blue float.  Lucy is in the pink floaties and green float.  And Ally was on the surfboard.  Ben was great in the water.  He loved the water.
 This was the scene in the backseat within a few minutes of leaving the beach.

May 24

Last day of school!!!
The last day of school was bittersweet for Ally.
She was sad because she loves school, her friends and her teacher.
She was excited because of all the fun stuff she gets to do this summer.

Ben found a chair, sat down with his stick and started ordering Lucy around. 

May 23

Such a sweet Josephine!
She is such a great baby.  Almost always happy, giggly, sweet, playful and go with the flow.

 She figured out how to flush the toilet. 
 She had fun bugging the kids while they were in the bath.

May 21

Monday, May 21, 2012

May 20- 1200 post!!!!!

Oh hair!
Lucy's hair in the back is curly and I LOVE IT!

 I love these yellow dresses. 
Cosette and Ally wore these matching dresses when they were Jo and Lu's age. 

May 18

Ben- CC lets play
Lucy- otay
Ben- lets call Papa Mike
Lucy- Hey Papa Mike
Ben- Papa Mike you my buddy
 They were using my mitten tree as a phone to call Papa Mike.
Sidenote: I am LOVING the fact that Lucy's hair is finally long enough to put in a ponytail and do something with.  I know she's enjoying it just as much as I am.  She comes and asks to have her hair fixed if it gets messed up.

Friday, May 18, 2012

May 18

My sleeping babies. 
This dude is potty trained and all in one day he did it himself.  No more diapers day or night for him. 
 This little lady is really wanting to be a big kid. Yesterday she took a nap on my bed, today she took a nap on the floor in her room where Ally usually wants to sleep.  She's been wearing underwear and has had no accidents, but WILL NOT go on the potty.  She holds it until I put a diaper on her.  Yesterday she had underwear on for 5 1/2 hours and did not pee at all during that time.  I pulled out the cloth diapers and she HATES them, so this might be the way to get her potty trained.  Jo also hates them.  I think they are just too big for the cloth diapers.  Looking at the size up at the store, it didn't appear to be that much bigger, so we're going to just use what we have and hopefully this is the trick to potty training the girls!

May 17

Last night after dinner we went to the park, where we had more fun (and found another reason for a bath). 
We came home and played outside and then mommy brought out a bucket of ice cream WITHOUT bowls, just spoons.  Ben and Lucy were quite concerned about this until they realized how fun it was to eat out of the container.  Ally had a few spoons of ice cream and went to play.  These two though went to town on the ice cream. Jo was next to them screaming for me to give her more bites of ice cream.

May 16

Poor underfed Josey!  If you are eating she will look at you like she's looking at Ally.  And you can't deny her look, so you give in and feed her.
Ally knows Jo can't have chips, so she was trying really hard not to drop any because she knew Jo
would attack it faster than she could pick it up.  Guess what...she dropped one and sure enough Jo got to it.  Luckily though it was a small piece so I wasn't too concerned.
 After dinner we played outside and then all 4 of them got popsicles.  Jo was concerned about the cold thing she was holding, but quickly discovered how great it was.  I buy the slow melt popsicles and they are great because they are little (more proportion appropriate for the kids) and it takes a while before they start melting.

 By this point in the day my kids had played outside a lot and were filthy.