Monday, July 25, 2011

July 24

Miss Josey got her first bath. 
 Lucy thought the bath was for her.
 Getting ready for the bath.
 Josey was a BIG trooper with this bath.  In the future I don't know that we will ask for 3 helpers, but I think they had fun being a part of their sisters first bath.  Josey hardly cried while getting cleaned.
 Little sister- BIG SISTER

Saturday, July 23, 2011

July 23

Mr. Casanova loves his new little sister.
 Taking a nap with daddy.
 Ben after drinking his oreo milkshake.
 Ben loves Josey so much.

 Look how big Lucy looks next to Josey.

 Lucy saying "cheese".  She just ate a yummy popsicle.

Vent issues

We were having vent issues and Matt cleaned it out tonight.
Here is a large bird nest he pulled out.
 A few wasp nests and the bird nest.
And what do you know...our vent is now working perfectly now.

July 23

What have you found in your laundry shoot?
When we ask Ben to throw something away, sometimes he throws it in the trash can and other times...he throws it down the laundry shoot.  I guess he's been asked to throw away several Josey diapers.  I give him points for being willing to help.  It gave Matt and I a good laugh.

July 21

Friday, July 22, 2011

July 22

Our little sleeping beauty.
She's a great sleeper and even better at eating.  In a matter of 3 hours this morning she got nursed at least 12 times.  I'd feed her and she'd go to town, then crash for a few minutes and wake up and want more.  Finally she was out for a few hours and gave mommy a break.  The picture kept flipping, so I am posting it anyways, since I think it's cute.
 She looks so little on the couch.
 Ben obviously enjoyed his lunch of pizza and canteloupe.

July 21

Trying to beat the heat.
We set up both of the kids pools and a sprinkler.
 Hopefully he gets out of this wimpy phase he's in because being the only boy, he needs to man up!

 Washing the cars with the neighbors (not pictured). 
 Lucy ate lots of soap. 

July 20

We couldn't leave the hospital till 5pm, so it was kinda boring most of the day.  Josey and I watched a lot of TV, packed up our bags and waited some more.

 She looks even tinier when Matt is holding her.
 Ben called this a train.  He and Lucy had lots of fun climbing on it.
 He dumped his chocolate milk down the front of his shirt.

 Getting ready to leave. 

 First family photo with Josey.