Thursday, July 31, 2014

oh sweet girl

Jo was begging for me to take her picture with a silly face.
 Lucy looked adorable in this outfit, but since it was shorts, did not want her picture taken.  She quickly went upstairs and changed into a skirt.  Josey was all about posing for me.
 Ally made a boat.  Under the boat is luggage that fell off the boat and the whale that ate Jonah.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

And it begins

Ben has been begging for me to get the trains out.
So I got out 2 of the 6 tubs and they are currently everywhere.
Brigham discovered that he can crawl laps around the house and does so numerous times a day.
While doing a lap today, he discovered there were this fun toys in there.  Then he sat down and watched Ben start building.  Then he watched as Ben made the trains move.  Brigham was so excited to chase the trains and try to catch them.  Ben was quite bummed that his little buddy kept removing his trains from the tracks.  Give him 2 or so years and he'll be a better train mate.

Monday, July 28, 2014

We've got some handsome boys

Ben is a cute kid.  Brigham is adorable.

 He looks even better without his pacifier.

 Ornery girl found mommy's ipod.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Just another manic Sunday

So last night when we were in the car, Ben commented that he hoped the tooth fairy didn't bring him a potato.  From there it turned into he hoped he didn't get a chicken, but if he did he had ideas for that chicken.  The tooth fairy thought it'd be funny to stick his money in a potato.  When he came in my room this morning, he excitedly squealed that the tooth fairy had brought him a bath toy with money in it. He was happy and is convinced he saw the tooth fairy in a pretty gown. 
 Brigham LOVES to watch tv.  Ben was showing him a game on the kindle and he was more than willing to sit and watch Ben play.

I found this cute dress at a garage sale.  Boy does it add a few years to her young age.
 Miss Lucy loves dressing up for church.
She loves the accessories.
 Pretty girl really didn't want her picture taken.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

OH the fun times ahead!

Ben lost his first tooth today!
 Brigham found Ben's missing tooth!
Just kidding, he had his first tooth break through the gums today in the same spot Ben lost his tooth. Crazy coincidence.
Brigham and I have been working on waving.  And yesterday I had the video camera out and he started waving to me.  Yeah Brigster! It was quite cute.

Just a heads up I went crazy with updating the blog, so you'll have to go to older posts to see all the stuff I updated.

McCormicks Creek State Park

Today we visited McCormicks Creek State Park
Lucy wanted to be our navigator.
 We contained Josey to Matt's back. (Brigham was on mine, I got the much lighter load thankfully.)

 We chose to do the trail that had switchbacks through the creek. 
We stopped at one of the switchbacks and let the kids play.  Immediately Lucy was wet (not uncommon) and dirty (not surprising).  Jo was next to get soaked (not uncommon to follow Lucy).
 If you can't tell, she is going through this phase of sticking out her tongue for pictures.
 Ally is growing up way too fast.
 Lucy is such a pretty girly girl, who LOVES to get dirty and have fun doing it.  Then get a shower, get dressed back up and accessorize before coming downstairs.
 He had a blast.

 She had a blast.

 He loved the water.

 Matt caught a crawfish/crawdad.

 Family picture

 These stairs just about killed me.  My legs are gonna be sore tomorrow.

After this we stopped at Cataract Falls to check it out.
Then Matt treated us all to hot fudge sundaes.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Curly rag curls

While we watched Tinkerbell Pirate Fairy I put rags in Lucy and Ally's hair.  Jo wanted no part.
This was Lucy right before I took out her rags.  I will say before putting the rags in I asked if she wanted me to make her hair curly and she was all for it.
 Once she realized her hair was all curly, she was MAD.
 Ally was excited.
 Happy boy! 
 This little girl runs non stop whenever she's awake.
 We're trying to make her hair appeal to her.
 This pony tail helped a bit and then one with all of it helped a lot.
 Ally loves books and we couldn't be more elated.  I picked up Swiss Family Robinson at a garage sale today and she finished it by the end of nap time.  And was half way through another book by bedtime.
 Look how grown up she looks.  I kept looking at her thinking "where has the time gone?"

 Silly Josey.