Sunday, October 30, 2011

I know

I haven't updated the blog in quite awhile.  I have been quite busy with 4 crazy kids.  After Ally goes to school Lucy and Ben go from room to room destroying and I follow behind picking up the pieces.  Makes for a fun day, really.  Yesterday was out of normal for us.  Matt took the 3 older kids to the zoo, I stayed home with Josey and cleaned the house.  I had 2 1/2 hours of quiet time and I chose to clean the house, and boy did it need it.  Ben's therapist came over for speech, Ally and I went out to the orchard to pick up some yumminess, and then someone came out to check our tv (we've been having a few minor problems).  Lucy was up last night, I think she's teething.  The kids have had diarreah and coughs.  I tell ya, loads of fun at the house right now. 

There's my update.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

October 11

My little bookworm.  She is loving that there is now a table to read her books at. 

 According to my kids...this is what daddys are for.

 They are here for you to use as trampolines and to jump off of.
 Crash into, jump on, and fall on.
 And he's a good daddy because he lets them.  And he enjoys it just as much as they do because he knows that he will miss these times in 10 years from now.

October 11

This is how I spent naptime the other day.  Ally and messed up the train tracks and so I promised Ben if he took a good nap I would fix it.  I had to keep that promise, even though I REALLY wanted a nap.

yep, even mommy has fun with the trains.

October 9

This little girl has been the biggest stinker lately.  She is the sweetest little girl all day and then come the middle of the night she is out of control.  Well, the problem is that she just won't sleep or doesn't want to or that I just don't know what her problem is.  I thought her problem was teething, but motrin doesn't seem to help.  We've tried playing music and having a fan on and that didn't do anything.  We've tried letting her scream it out and that didn't do anything.  I think she might be trying to show her independence.  I just wish she'd pick a different time to do this.  Mommy and daddy are tired and exhausted.  Our new plan (because we try something new every few days) is to lower the crib in the nursery and have sleep in there.  Raise the crib in Ally's room and have Josie sleep in there (since Josie sleeps better than Lucy).  If this doesn't work it's on to plan 146.  Looking at the bright side: she has EVERYONE (except mom and dad) fooled into thinking that she's a sweet, quiet little girl.  At some point I'm expecting a knock at the door about a screaming child.  I have gone out to my mailbox during naptime and you can hear her screaming.  Which only means that if the neighbors have their windows open at nightime they should be able to hear Miss Lucy screaming, since its quieter when it's dark. 
Remember: I will miss this at some point.  Sleep is only something I think I need, like chocolate!

October 7

Ben has grown so much since Ally started school.  He is talking A LOT more and is more independent.  He is my helper and my little buddy. 

Friday, October 07, 2011

Oct 6

She's feeling a bit better.  Her throat still hurts, she's still whiny and tires easily.
 This little girl goes through burp rags and towels like she goes through my milk.  I can't keep up with the cleaning of the towels or the feeding of the baby.

 Hi Bruiser!  This is what happens when you play with your brother or maybe just Ben.
 I need to preface this: her butt is not really that big.  She has on a cloth diaper that makes her butt look HUGE.  Her belly though, it really is that big.

 In Lucy's world, if you are going to read books you have to take down at least 20 books and spread them across the floor.

October 5

I love when they start grabbing onto everything that their little hands touch.  Even if it's mommies hair or nose!

October 4

 Lesson learned: When trying to get all 3 kids to look at the camera, don't say where's mommy's head? 

 If he knew that she spit up while he was holding her, he would have been very upset.

 Lucy likes to play with Josies things every so often.
Ally came home from school on Wednesday and was just so tired and everything kept upsetting her.  She ended up taking a short nap, eating a pb & j and going to bed.  She went to bed with a fever and the fever hung on till mid morning on Thursday.  She tested negative for strep but has all the symptoms, so she is on an anibiotic and it seems to be working.
Miss Lucy saw the opportunity to read to her little sister.  Josie sat and listened.  Lucy would even grab her hand and point to things.  So cute!

Monday, October 03, 2011

October 2

There once was a dancing princess who liked to dance for a train conductor. 
In this magical world there were dancing princesses and pantless train conductors.

 The dancing princess dreams of dancing through life wearing the most beautiful of clothes, rainbows, pink everything and friends galore.  The train conductor eats, breathes and sleeps trains.  Whenever he gets to cross a train crossing, he gets excited.  Whenever the vehicle he is traveling in has to stop for a train, he drools.  If only everyday could be filled with dancing princesses and pantless train conductors.  What a world that would be.  Ben is incredibly serious about his trains.  And Ally is serious about her princess/dancing.  These 2 are so fun together. 

October 1