Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween

Today was all sorts of fun for the 3 little kids.
They played dollhouse.

 Mommy got the car track out for Brigham.  Oh my goodness, the cuteness that comes out of him when he is playing cars is unbearable.  He makes zooming and vrooming noises and makes his cars move.  If they aren't moving fast enough, then he throws them.  He is really good at throwing things.

 The girls compliantly put the dollhouse away just so they could get out the folder games and magnetix.

 Their hair is getting so long.

 The kids got mail from Grandma Horn and Grandma Lich.
Brigham wasn't sure what to do with his, so he ate it.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

A fun day

Lucy got to wear her Halloween costume to school today.
Thankfully we have lots of dress ups because Lucy can't stick with just 1 costume.
Today she chose her Cinderella dress.  She wanted her hair just like Cinderellas, so that's how I fixed it.

 Today was also wear lots of red to school.  They were having a boys vs. girls contest to see who could wear the most red.  Somehow the boys ended up winning.  According to Ally it's because they have a "ton more boys".  Which I could believe because Ben's class is like 75% boys.

 I moved the doll house downstairs and Brigham thought that was an awesome idea.
He and Jo played for over an hour.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Growing up

The kids have and request pb&j 6 days a week for lunch.  Wednesday is nutella sandwich day.
 I tried just making him half of a jelly sandwich and that only lasted a week.
He is usually finished with his sandwich and a cheese stick before the 2 girls.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

They keep me busy

I knew we shouldn't have subjected this cute little boy to Josey.  He has been taking TOO many notes from her book.  They all love to remove these from the fire place. 
 He was doing great leaving the cat alone.  Then out of no where today he started picking on her.  If he found her, he'd bug her. 

 They have all loved emptying the shelves of food.  His favorite shelf to empty is the 1 his hands are on.

 Miss Lucy officially started preschool today.  She goes twice a week.

 This little guy normally will only fall asleep 1. in my arms 2. in his carseat 3. in the stroller  So it was weird to walk in the room and find him sleeping on the floor (this was totally normal for Ben). 
 It is red ribbon week.

 Emptying drawers.  On the plus side to him emptying it, I finally got around to folding the rags so they fit in there nicely.  Only for him to come back by 5 minutes after I was done and empty it out again.  And that is why they weren't folded in the first place!

Sunday, October 26, 2014

A fun Saturday

We started off the day with plans of going to ZooBoo at the zoo.  But upon driving to the entrance and noticing the big back up of traffic, we drove past the zoo and noticed how packed it was.  At this point we informed the kids that we would not be going to the zoo because it was too busy, but we would still do something fun.  We found a parking spot and walked to the canal.  We thought we'd check out the paddle boats, but upon looking at them a bit closer noted we'd have to get 2 and we might lose a kid in the water.  So we walked to the bike rental building and rented a double surrey.  It was quite fun to bike around the canal/IUPUI area.  The kids had fun, we got exercise and avoided the crazy busy zoo. 
We had planned on doing dinner over the fire when we got home.  So Matt got started on building a fire, the kids played and I got things ready for dinner. 
We had hot dogs, chips and smores for dessert.
Ben had fallen asleep on the way home from downtown.  I had woke him up enough for him to walk in the house and throw a huge fit on the kitchen floor.  He ended up going up to bed for the rest of the night and missed all our fun.  He was SOO mad this morning when he realized he missed it. 
Brigham had fun exploring the grass/leaves.
 He doesn't like how they taste.
 Signing dad.

 Matt was a little mad I was taking pictures and not helping.