Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Sweet Lucy

As I was quizzing Ally on spelling words tonight (I thought the other 4 were asleep) Lucy came in and shyly said she had something she needed to tell me. She said she was feeling awful about it while she was laying in bed, so she prayed.  Then she still felt bad, so she prayed again.  Then she felt like she was suppose to tell me. After a bit of prodding, she told me that earlier in the evening, she broke Brigham's golf club on accident.  She went on to tell me how it happened and that she LOVED his golf clubs and wants a set of her own.  She was so sad that she broke it.  I thanked her for telling me.  I had no idea it was broken, but probably would have been informed of it in the morning.  I told her for now I can tape it. 
I LOVE that she prayed about her problem.  She is such a sweet girl and truly wants to do the right thing.  She is always making sure I am proud of her and is so sad when she makes a mistake. 
I didn't want to forget this sweet moment, so I'm sharing it with you!

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